Anyone who drives across the country in late summer will be impressed by the wide grain fields. The warm summer is captured in the sun-yellow ears. They symbolize the fertility of nature. In ancient times, sheaves of corn were important attributes of great goddesses and their function as mothers and earth deities was worshiped with them. Nowadays, starting in September, people look forward to a good grain harvest and express their gratitude to Mother Nature with wonderful wheat decorations. For example, tufts of ears of wheat, wreaths of ears and sheaves of wheat are an absolute must for decoration Thanksgiving. On this day, according to old tradition, the rich gifts of nature that have already been collected from the field for the coming winter are celebrated. The ears of wheat are also the perfect autumn decoration for your own home and introduce a decidedly rural note into your four walls. What you can do with cereal stalks and how you succeed in this unique autumn decoration, we are happy to report in the following.

 Rural autumn decorations with wheat also fit into the modern home.

Autumn decoration with wheat modern ambience elegant vase with wheat stalks arranged in it real eye-catcher

 You can combine the wheat stalks with nuts and autumn leaves and create great arrangements.

Autumn decoration with wheat two elegant glass vases wheat stalks nuts autumn leaves on wooden tray

The autumn decoration with wheat is inspired by nature

If you are soon organizing a garden party or want to celebrate Thanksgiving with friends, you can make fantastic autumn decorations with wheat yourself. You don’t need a lot for this, of course wheat stalks, maybe even brightly colored autumn leaves and autumn flowers. But you also have to let your imagination and creativity play a role. Because the rural autumn decoration with wheat can be tinkered in different ways. However, all decorating ideas with wheat have one thing in common – they are inspired by nature and pay homage to her gifts. What can you do with wheat? For example, you can tie a door wreath with wheat stalks and use it to decorate your front door. It is also an excellent idea to put such a homemade wreath on the coffee or dining table and decorate it with candles, colorful leaves and acorns.

Isn’t that the right eye-catcher on the dining table decorated in autumn?

Autumn decoration with wheat Eye-catching glass decorated with wheat stalks on the dining table decorated in autumn, two small pumpkins

A door wreath made from wheat stalks can also be adorned with feathers.

Autumn decoration with wheat door wreath decorated with wheat stalks with feathers

 The wheat wreath can serve as the basis for your pumpkin decoration.

Autumn decoration with wheat wreath on the coffee table Base for pumpkin decoration in wooden bowl

If this handicraft idea seems too difficult for you, there are also simple variants for a rural autumn decoration, which are also well suited for beginners. For example, you can tie wheat stalks into a bouquet or arrange them in a vase or in another vessel. The ears of wheat also look good in a woven bamboo basket. No matter where you put this autumn decoration, on the table or mantelpiece, by the window or in front of the stairs in the hallway, it is sure to attract everyone’s attention. The rural autumn decoration with wheat radiates warmth and natural charm and cannot leave anyone indifferent! The ideas for a fall decoration with wheat are almost endless and they mostly depend on your ingenuity!

You don’t see such a beautiful rural autumn decoration every day, right?

Autumn decoration with wheat large basket full of pumpkins of different sizes cattail wheat stalks beautiful eye-catcher

 Natural beauty has priority here!

Autumn decoration with wheat natural beauty Wheat stalks of different lengths in the zinc jar in front of the stairs in the hallway

 This autumn decoration with wheat stalks makes the dark corner shine!

Autumn decoration with wheat tall glass vase wheat stalks arranged in it Vintage table in a corner of the room

 Two autumn decoration ideas with wheat plus instructions

We have selected two very easy autumn decoration ideas with wheat stalks for you and present them to you with the instructions.

  • Tie a peasant bouquet from wheat stalks

For this decoration idea you need as many wheat stalks as you can still grasp with one hand. Then lay them on top of each other at a slight angle. Take a natural-colored string, for example made from hemp or jute, and use it to tie the wheat stalks together. Finally, shorten the wheat stalks to the same length. Voila! Your bouquet is now ready! You can put it in a vase, in an old watering can or even in a sack. Depending on your mood, you can decorate the rural bouquet with autumn flowers, sunflowers, lavender branches, wild herbs or feathers. This will make your farmer’s bouquet look even more beautiful and authentic.

Autumn is already here!

Autumn decoration with wheat Vintage watering can made of white porcelain wheat stalks

 This autumn decoration is easy to care for and does not have to be poured!

Autumn decoration with wheat three bundles of wheat tied together with bows beautiful easy-care table decoration

 Who needs autumn flowers when you have wheat?

Autumn decoration with wheat Vintage watering can with wheat stalks in it pumpkins on a silver platter

 The wheat stalks also look good in a sack.

Autumn decoration with wheat beautiful decoration ideas Wheat stalks in a sack with a bow and ribbon

How can you make this beautiful autumn lantern?

Autumn decoration with wheat lantern with wheat ears tied with hemp cord

H3: 2) Make a lantern with ears of wheat yourself

This craft idea is super easy and is also suitable for beginners. For this you need the following:

  • A lantern or an empty jam jar;
  • Scissors;
  • Jute ribbon, hemp cord, or lace ribbon;
  • Ears of wheat;
  • Hot glue gun.

How to do it:

  1. Cut the stalks of wheat as close to the ear as possible.
  2. Use the hot glue gun to glue each wheat ear to the lantern.
  3. So you have to glue the whole lantern with ears of wheat all around.
  4. Finally, tie jute cord or lace around the lantern.

You can see how this crafting process goes in the following video:

But the autumn decoration ideas with wheat are not exhausted. The next sample pictures could also be a good source of inspiration for you. Have fun and good luck making your rural autumn decorations!

 Welcome autumn!

Autumn decoration with wheat a bundle of wheat stalks tied with a bow as a door decoration

Autumn decoration with wheat metal ring on the front door Wheat stalks simple wreath as door decoration

Wonderful table decoration ideas with wheat for the coming autumn!

Autumn decoration with wheat two tall glass vases filled with beans. Wheat stalks pumpkin placed on the table

Autumn decoration with wheat Table decoration in rural style. Eye-catching vase with wheat stalks

Autumn decoration with wheat glasses painted in white wheat stalks knitted flowers in orange rural decoration

Autumn decorations with a wheat rural note result in a stylish table decoration in white and black

Autumn decoration with wheat table decoration glass with wheat stalks pink candles rural decoration idea

Autumn decoration with wheat beautiful table decoration Wheat bundles under glass elegant candlesticks white candles

Autumn decoration with wheat two white pots of wheat stalks Table decoration in vintage style

Autumn decoration with wheat white vases long wheat stalks on the mantelpiece white candles beautiful eye-catcher

Autumn decoration with wheat Vintage table decoration Bundles of wheat with a bow Vases Candlesticks Pumpkins

Autumn decoration with wheat rural table decoration two vases wheat stalks pumpkins pine cones Autumn leaves

Autumn decoration with wheat three glass vases filled with corn kernels wheat stalks arranged in them on the mantelpiece

Autumn decoration with wheat rural table decoration Wheat stalks in glasses on tray in the middle of the dining table