Snow white stained glass at home

You can find an attractive design in almost all eras

There is no rule that somehow says that a French chair from the 18th century and a Sheraton cannot be in the same room.

For some people, wanting to mix styles from different periods is a hobby or a recreational occupation.

You can be fully absorbed by this hobby, because history knows very different styles and variants. One thing I’ve always been interested in is the painted glass and the way that it fits in with the interior design.

 Painted glass

Stained glass at home

Stained glass home room ceiling design

What do we call painted glass? What is that actually? It’s all about the artful combination of different pieces of painted glass. The color comes from the slats, which are added during manufacture.

 During 1000 years of history the term has been used almost exclusively for the manufacture of the windows in the church. This art really has a long history and in this it was mainly applied to the windows of the churches and the large mosaics. It also appeared on the lampshades and mirrors, and on other prominent buildings.

 Painted glass can also be used on boxes, clocks, cupboard doors, picture frames and other 3 dimensional projects.

 The colored glass has also been integrated into the glass window. This is used to create patterns and pictures, which are held together by strips of lead and a rigid frame.

 The window design can be figurative or non-figurative. It can contain stories from the Bible, history, or literature. It can represent saints and cartridges or any historical motif.

 The windows on the buildings can represent a specific theme within your home, for example. These can represent flora, fauna, landscape or an abstract picture.

 Painted glass in the interior design 

Stained glass at home living room classic white

Can the painted glass have magnetic attraction even without natural light? I guess so! But let’s go back a little more to discuss this in detail! The beauty of painted glass lies in its relationship to light. Above all, concerns arise when it comes to interior design rooms. There you rarely have to deal with natural lighting.

 The painted glass is an interesting form of this material. The way the glass captures natural light has a magical effect.

 The painted glass is always associated with an illuminated background. It could be the sky, the leaves or the buildings. These background images, which are muffled and slightly changed through the painted glass, ensure the creation of the well-known “glassy look”.

 Painted glass on windows

Stained glass at home painted green striking crystals

If the glass is on the window openings, we may need light that allows us to see at night. That should be possible from the inside as well as from the outside. Light itself is also a kind of art and that is a principle that controls and helps us. Painted glass windows do a lot for interiors.

 Painted glass on the doors

Stained glass at home entrance door flowers bouquet

Painted glass doors can open up a whole new world for you. You can feel like you are walking into a world of wonders and mysteries.

 Painted picture frames

Stained Glass Home Photo Frame Pet Dog

Things that are worth remembering always attract our eyes. This is especially true in cases where they have been attached to the shelves somewhere. Painted glass will make the whole thing look more attractive and more memorable.

 Painted glass bowls

Stained glass home bowl painted blue red

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to collect some fruit in this glass bowl? Or maybe you can put some fruity and juicy fruits in it? Why not decorate a table in either the kitchen or the living room??

 Painted glass shapes

Stained glass home flower vase flowers

Your bedroom shelf, table or drawer will appear charming and lovable and create a romantic atmosphere.

 Mirror with frame made of painted glass

Stained glass home around wall mirror frame

The shades in the wreath are very suitable for any room and look wonderful with the color schemes in the interior design.

 Painted glass boxes

Stained glass at home box beautifully original

Painted glass windows can be a very charming decorative element of detail.

 Painted stained glass window

Stained glass at home wall clock around sea theme fish

You can use this idea to make your children’s room shine. I would use multiple clocks with different animation characters in different places.

 Advantages and disadvantages of painted glass

Like everything in life, painted glass has many advantages and disadvantages. When it comes to the painted glass in particular, you can see that this is very attractive and creates a visual interest in the room. The windows here represent a focal point and give the room a personal touch.

 Light can still get through, but the design and dark colors can reduce the amount of light that lets through and make the room appear darker.

So, I mean, the advantages are way more than the disadvantages! Is it true, yes?