Perhaps you already know the new furnishing trends for the coming autumn / winter season? Among other things, the colors of the nocturnal forest dominate there. Its magical darkness dominates our premises and is at the same time filled with hope through bright colored accents. These are introduced in the form of glowing shades, which also creates a very positive mood. Geometric patterns and other motifs with global appeal are definitely welcome. With these fall / winter trends in mind, we’ve put together today’s collection of fall wreath ideas. Take a look at these and choose the best for your interior design and front door!

Autumn wreaths made of fabric are particularly suitable for interior decoration

Autumn wreaths made of fabric

Autumn wreaths made of fabric

You don’t necessarily have to collect materials in the forest to make beautiful autumn wreaths. Old fabrics that have the typical shades of autumn can also serve as a wonderful basis for your craft ideas. They can still be wonderfully paired with artificial decorations.

In this way, you can also bring the mood of the season home and there are also other practical advantages. For example, old leaves and twigs will not lie on the ground all the time if you collect them for DIY projects.

With artificial materials you can bring more shine to your interior design

Decoration on one side of autumn wreaths

Artificial materials for more shine

Let’s stick with the artificial materials that celebrate the beauty of autumn. There are imitations made of plastic or other materials for gifts of nature. You shouldn’t choose these just because they won’t be left on the floor as dirt. In many cases they have a glossy surface. That makes them the perfect decoration for modern interiors.

Subtle autumn wreaths can actually be very effective

Autumn wreaths from dry branches

Subtle ideas with distinctive symbols

You can be very discreet with the autumn wreaths. You don’t need a lot of colors, different leaves or gifts from nature for a great effect. Use the simple, minimalist appearance and decorate your ideas with one or two typical symbols of the autumn forest. In the example above, you have chosen two likeable owl figures. With their character and design, you create a playful effect.

Great autumn wreaths made from autumn leaves would be ideal for fans of simple DIY ideas

Autumn wreaths made of wonderful autumn leaves

What would you find easier?

Tying autumn wreaths is not such an easy task. However, after a certain amount of time and practice, you can become a real master. To get started, choose a few ideas that are easy to make and that you particularly like. One such idea would be this one with the autumn leaves in the picture above.

You can combine natural and artificial materials when tying the autumn wreathsAutumn wreaths yellow orange shades

Matching textures and colors for your interior design

You definitely have the chance to choose suitable textures and colors for your interior design. Thanks to the variety of natural and artificial materials, you can choose the most suitable for yourself. In addition to the examples made of fabric, you will also find some made of metal in our picture gallery. Among the natural materials we have simple autumn leaves as well as succulents and other plants with their own character. They would spice up the interior design with different textiles and decoration ideas.

Many autumn wreaths are also suitable for Christmas

Autumn wreaths for a vintage courtyard design

Celebrate different festivals

Finally, we would like to point out that you can celebrate different festive occasions. Shiny golden balls or white cotton in the autumn wreath would create a Christmas mood. You will be able to implement many such decoration ideas at home by the end of November at the latest. In addition, you can add some creepy characters to the Halloween decoration. Maybe someone has a birthday or an anniversary? Opt for an inscription Happy Birthday or Congratulations on the Anniversary! So you can adapt the autumn wreath to the appropriate occasion. We wish you a happy autumn! Happy case!

Here’s a great guide too!

Another great idea in a wintry rustic style

Autumn wreaths of green twos with a ribbon of burlap sack

Often the autumn wreaths combine the most beautiful colors of nature depending on the season

Autumn wreaths in green with various orange accents

There are just as many autumn decoration ideas for fans of the greens

Autumn wreaths climbing and forest plants

Desired autumn wreath in vintage style?

Rural autumn wreaths with a bow

Burlap sack autumn wreaths are especially popular and easy to make

Autumn wreath burlap sack idea

Here is another simple DIY idea for tying an autumn wreath

Autumn wreaths burlap sack and sunflowers

Autumn nature has so many colors!

Autumn wreaths several colors with flowers

Autumn wreaths with magnificent flowers

Autumn wreaths with great natural colors

Go for the modern glossy colors when you tie an autumn wreath

Autumn wreaths a splendid design idea

Autumn wreaths Magnificent meadow as decoration

Autumn wreaths fabric and burlap sack idea

The contrast between this autumn wreath and the door looks extremely modern

Half of autumn wreaths with decoration

Such autumn wreaths symbolize the transitions in nature

Autumn wreaths branches with wonderful autumn blossoms

Scented natural and practical artificial materials are used to tie autumn wreaths

Small pumpkins and green branches autumn wreaths

Such autumn wreaths look like shining accents on gloomy days

Artificial materials autumn wreaths

This autumn wreath has a very modern color combination again

Pumpkins and other great flowers fall wreaths

several great flowers autumn wreaths

Snow-white splendor for great autumn wreaths

Do you have children? How would it look with a Mickey Mouse autumn wreath?

Fall wreaths on a Disney theme

very great colors for the autumn wreaths

Great green colors for the autumn wreaths

Happy Fall or Happy Birthday! You can celebrate both with an autumn wreath!

White forest idea for the great autumn wreaths

a vintage door - great autumn wreaths idea

feminine white blue flowers autumn wreaths

Blue bows give this autumn wreath a Provence character

Yellow and blue for the autumn wreaths

Green vegetable ideas autumn wreaths

Autumn wreaths - great ideas from the most popular colors

Such autumn wreaths are great for various festive occasions

Autumn wreaths - great wall design

There are three wonderful autumn wreaths for interior decoration

Autumn wreaths made of shiny decoration

Autumn wreaths against a marble background

Fall wreaths idea for an elegant living room

Make an autumn wreath only out of paper? Yes, that works as well!

Autumn wreaths in great brown and purple colors

Autumn wreaths of small white pumpkins

Autumn wreaths wreath with flowers in purple and white

Another magnificent autumn door wreathAutumn wreaths with lucky charms

Autumn wreaths with pumpkins and succulents

Autumn wreaths - sticks and fabric flowers

Simple and stylish autumn door wreath

Autumn wreaths great big flowers

Autumn wreaths great ideas made of straw

Autumn wreaths great ideas with green leaves

Protruding branches give the fall door wreath a more natural look

Autumn wreaths great autumn wreath

Autumn wreaths of flowers in pink and white

original decoration for the autumn wreaths

Rural style fabric autumn wreath

great autumn wreaths made of fabric

great green branch ideas autumn wreaths

wonderful green splendor autumn wreaths

A fabric autumn wreath that could meet different tastes

Autumn wreaths of leaves from different fabrics

Autumn wreaths dark elegant colors

Autumn wreaths field and other ideas

Draw inspiration from nature!

Autumn wreaths fiery shades - great

Autumn wreaths ideas in different greens

Autumn wreaths of lavender splendor

Purple, blue and green – so trendy, so harmonious!

Autumn wreaths lilac and green

Autumn wreaths multicolored leaves and ideas

Autumn wreaths with fiery shades

Autumn wreaths teas and other herbs

You can make such a stylish autumn wreath yourself with a little patience

Autumn wreaths great bright leaves

Autumn wreaths great green leaves ideas

Autumn wreaths great autumn colors

The choice of color and the integration of the succulents – both very modern trends

Autumn wreaths of different greens and art decorations

Autumn wreaths made only from green leaves

great dry flowers autumn wreaths

The “burnt” nuances are very modern and we have them with this autumn wreath 

various great flowers autumn wreaths

Wonderful forest fruits autumn wreathsDo you have a romantic autumn occasion? Here is the right autumn wreath for you!

wonderful roses and other autumn wreaths