beautiful autumn decoration nature harvest wreath

Wonderful autumn decorations at the entrance – 35 great ideas to put you in a good mood

Start with your autumn decorations at the entrance. Here we have some great ideas for you. Autumn brings many warm nuances and delicious vegetables and fruit with it, not to mention the stalks of grain and corn on the cob. How can you make better use of these natural treasures and make beautiful autumn decorations for yourself and your guests?

With the help of these tasteful and inviting designs, you are bound to find the answer for yourself.

Above you can see a shimmering wreath made from corn stalks. Would you also like to have something like this on your own front door? Let’s go! You need a bunch of wheat stalks and three different metallic colors. Divide the bundle into three parts and color each group a different color. Gold, copper and brass are recommended. After drying, you can insert the stalks one after the other into a wreath, starting from the center. So, work your way outward and when you’re done add a welcome sign to it. Your metallic harvest wreath is ready!

How to stylishly arrange the stairs?

beautiful autumn decoration real and straw pumpkins on the stairs

You need a few real and some straw pumpkins, as well as autumn container plants. We recommend sedum plant, Mexican sage and chrysanthemum. A lush autumn door wreath is a must for you.

Why always tinker with the conventional jack-o’-lanterns?

autumn decoration pumpkin lanterns with square openings

Try something new. Carve squares instead of faces and your pumpkins will turn heads. Place the great creations on old chairs on the veranda and enjoy them while drinking tea.

An old bathtub becomes a flower pot

beautiful autumn decoration green stuff in aluminum container

Just stand out your old tin bathtub and fill it with fir branches, holly and berries.

In addition to the valuable natural gifts that autumn gives you, you can pattern colorful doormats with flowers or paint the door fresh.

This is how you create a good mood for the whole family

beautiful autumn decoration of stacked pumpkins and colorful door wreath

If you’d like to carve the pumpkins in a more personal way this year then check out the picture below. You can use a vintage chair and tiered display of pumpkins of different sizes and colors. Letters in different funds bring the personal touch.

Would you like to greet your friends personally?

beautiful autumn decoration of pumpkins with carved letters

St. John’s wort and hydrangeas – it couldn’t be more classic

beautiful autumn decoration of hanging plant container with hydrangeas and berries

Below is an elegant fall decoration with pumpkins as lanterns. Hollow out a few of the pumpkins and stick a pillar candle in each. Simply add the remaining pumpkins. An old chest of drawers or a small side table is best. Leaned against a wall in azure or another cold shade, this decoration looks just perfect.

Are you into elegance and art?

beautiful autumn decoration lanterns from pumpkins turquoise wall

Keep looking at our colorful collection of ideas and create your beautiful autumn decoration. Let your imagination run wild and create a good mood for you and your family and guests in the cold season!

A charming pumpkin tower with a swing

beautiful autumn decoration pumpkin tower colorful leaves

Doormat with character

beautiful autumn decoration doormat in wine red

Natural garland made of corn on the cob

beautiful autumn decoration corn on the cob garland

More flavor with mini pumpkins

beautiful autumn decoration sturdy wooden banisters and mini pumpkins

Elegant autumn bouquet with an antique flair

beautiful autumn decoration decorative urn and colorful floral arrangement

With colorful autumn leaves, every decoration is uniquely beautiful

beautiful autumn decoration monogram from colored leaves

Do you fancy a magnificent door wreath made of leaves??

beautiful autumn decoration door wreath made of colorful oak leaves

It’s time for ornamental cabbage

beautiful autumn decoration flower arrangement with ornamental cabbage

Thanksgiving wheelbarrow at the entrance

beautiful autumn decoration ornate wheelbarrow

Little jewels, golden grapevine

beautiful autumn decoration grapevine and mini pumpkins garland

Bottle gourds are perfect for hanging vases

beautiful autumn decoration bottle gourd vase on the banister

How about an original horseshoe made from grain stalks?

beautiful autumn decoration harvest horseshoe

Colorful splendor for Thanksgiving

beautiful autumn decoration apples pumpkins and corn straw

Stylish with paper lanterns

beautiful autumn decoration round paper lanterns in orange

Leaves, twigs, seed pods and berries

beautiful autumn decoration natural wreath

Old keys are not to be thrown away

beautiful autumn decoration pumpkins decorated with letters from old keys

 Lively and fresh with roof root

beautiful autumn decoration vertical garden in one letter made of wood

The most original house number plate this fall

beautiful autumn decoration house number plate made from orange pumpkins

For those who like it more subtle

beautiful autumn decoration bushes and hanging flower pots

Romantic purism

beautiful autumn decoration cobalt blue entrance door and sisal doormat

You can’t go wrong with colorful chrysanthemums

beautiful autumn decoration pot of chrysanthemums and pumpkins

You can attach the family monogram to the flower pots yourself

beautiful autumn decoration pink chrysanthemums and stalks

Feather bristle grass, leech weed and ornamental cabbage

beautiful autumn decoration plant arrangement in metal container

Artificial door wreaths can also look authentic

beautiful autumn decoration old door wreath made of berries and leaves

Your guests will just want to stay at the entrance

beautiful autumn decoration covered porch brick pillar

Yellow chrysanthemums are like little autumn suns

beautiful autumn decoration bright yellow chrysanthemum yellow door