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Wooden vanity and other elements in the rustic bathroom

At the moment there is a clear trend: when it comes to design, people are increasingly looking back at past styles. You can also easily see that the rustic style is becoming more and more important. It is practically no longer uncommon to find a wooden vanity and even the complete bathroom furnishings in a rustic style in a common city apartment.

If you are also thinking about integrating a wooden washbasin or other rustic-style elements into your bathroom, we now have a few tips and ideas ready for you!

Washstand wood

vanity wood modern bathroom ideas wood furniture

Rustic bathroom ideas

vanity wood modern bathroom ideas wood furniture glass sinks

Only if you can afford fine materials!

We are not claiming that beautiful bathroom design can only be achieved if you can invest a lot of money. But we are already advocating the thesis that you have to make the most of the available budget. If you can’t afford the best materials for your rustic bathroom design, then it’s better to postpone the project for better times. Because you risk that the cheap material will rot and break quickly, and that you will have more problems than advantages.

Bathroom furniture made of real wood

washbasin wood rustic bathroom ideas real wood furniture

Bathroom furnishings made from sustainable natural materials

vanity wood rustic bathroom ideas real wood furniture details

Incidentally, given the eclectic tendencies, it would also be appropriate to integrate just one or two pieces of furniture in a traditional rustic way. What about a washstand made of solid wood??

Compact wooden washbasin with a round bathroom mirror

washbasin wood chic bathroom ideas wood furniture

You can achieve an antique look like this

You can easily achieve an antique look with a wooden vanity unit. You can now add other, modern spa elements. A ceramic bathtub would look great next to it.

Chic antique furniture in the contemporary bathroom 

vanity wood bathroom ideas antique furniture marble and wood

Qualitative imitations are also a good solution. A common washbasin can only be clad with wood to achieve the appropriate look.

That would definitely be an eye-catcher in every bathroom

vanity wood bathroom ideas antique furniture vintage

Corresponding elements

With the mixed approach, you have the option of adding new and new classy rustic elements. For example, you can now start with a wooden vanity unit. Over time, a ceiling made of this material could also be added, then a cupboard, new wall cladding and so on.

Corresponding elements made of wood

vanity wood rustic bathroom ideas ikea furniture

Minimalist washbasin made of solid wood

vanity wood rustic bathroom ideas solid wood furniture

Antique furniture that serves as the base for the wooden vanity unit

You could combine a love of antiquity with a liking for the rustic. A wooden sink would also be an excellent example. Take an old piece of furniture as a basis, have it restored and also integrate a standard modern washbasin.

Use antique furniture as a base

vanity wood rustic bathroom ideas antique furniture

This is a prime example

vanity wood bathroom ideas antique furniture

Antique decoration

If you can currently afford a washbasin from the rustic bathroom furnishings, then you can develop the charm of this style through decoration. Any rough-looking, antique objects that are suitable for the ambience (do not spoil or rot in this) are to be distributed.

Antique porcelain and wood in combination

vanity wood bathroom ideas antique furniture porcelain


A wooden vanity is quite dark. As such, the rustic style also has quite a somber appearance. In order to brighten and spice things up, you would have to think of suitable lighting. Such furniture is best inscribed in rooms with natural light access.

Solve the problem with bathroom lighting in a clever way

rustic bathroom ideas washbasin wood with storage space

The little details

Antique details come into their own with a wooden washstand in the rustic bathroom and also on the other pieces of furniture. Take advantage of them by giving them great importance. For example, what should the handles on the cabinet under the washbasin look like??

Go into detail!

vanity wood rustic bathroom ideas

How to design a harmonious bathroom in a country house style

rustic bathroom ideas vanity wood

In any case, do not compromise on quality

rustic bathroom ideas vanity unit with drawers

Bathroom ideas in shabby chic style

vanity wood bathroom ideas shabby chic style

Make storage baskets for use

vanity wood rustic bathroom ideas wicker furniture

Retro washbasin made of wood with a lower compartment

washbasin wood rustic bathroom ideas classic style

Accent wall made of stones in the rustic bathroom

vanity wood rustic bathroom ideas stone wall