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Create a small decorative paradise at home with terrarium plants

What actually is a terrarium for you? We see it as a decorative ecosystem that could be placed in many places at home. Terrarium plants could be those that can grow in conditions that are completely different from those that are usual here.

The reason for this is that you could create your own, totally different climate within this small system.

Build your own terrarium 

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What should you know before starting the project?

There are a few things that you should be aware of before choosing the terrarium plants and the appropriate container. Here they are at a glance:

An overview of the necessary materials

terrarium plants build your own terrarium materials

♦ The vessel should be made of plastic or glass and in any case transparent

♦ It must be adapted to the roots of the selected plants in any case. Otherwise, the green you have chosen may not develop well.

♦ If you want to accommodate several different plants within the terrarium, then these should match each other well. They should meet the same requirements for climate, humidity and temperature. They must also be able to develop in the same lighting conditions.

♦ A number of glass vessels can be used for DIY projects, but they also require a different amount of effort. It would be possible to use vases, bottles, various glass items that are left over from the purchases of the products in the supermarket; You could also take an old fish aquarium that is round. The latter had to be in good condition.

DIY project: build your own terrarium

terrarium plants terrarium build yourself decorative items ideas

Open and closed terrariums

The terrariums could be divided into two categories – open and closed. The main difference between these is that the open ones can take more light than the closed ones. The closed ones in turn have a blanket, which can be opened regularly.

Succulents in the jar

matching terrarium plants succulents fresh colors

Remember that the plant terrariums should have holes in the bottom. So you don’t have your own drainage system. In order to avoid the spoilage of the plant roots, one would have to cover the ground with stones. Small pieces of brick would also be a good solution. The type of soil in the terrarium is strongly related to the type of plants that you will use. The ratio of the soil to the other parts of the terrarium plants should be 1: 3 so that they can develop well.

Small Buddha statue as a chic decorative item in the terrarium

terrarium plants glass vessels round buddha statue

As a rule, terrarium plants are those that grow more slowly. Because there is little space there.

So in general this could be papyrus, mosses, fittonia and other such species. Also consider the common ivy. Succulents would also be very suitable. You should be aware that only open vessels would be considered for the latter. Aloe Vera and Sedum are particularly good terrarium plants.

Choose the right glass vessel

Build your own terrarium glass vessels round with an opening

Terrarium plants as a living decoration

There are two approaches you can take in this case. Individual plants in the terrarium could act as an accent. You can also liven up a certain area with a larger group.

Terrariums by the window

terrarium plants glass vessels decorative items ideas

The main rules of arranging have a lot in common with those of interior decoration. Large terrariums with plants should be housed in wider rooms. The small pots, in turn, fit wonderfully on window sills. Take a look at a lot of pictures of interiors with plant terrariums. Let this work on you so that you can then recognize yourself in their beauty.

Terrarium as an eye-catcher in the living room

terrarium plants glass vessels irregular

Let’s go back to grouping one more time. This is most suitable for the smaller types of terrarium plants and whenever you want to create more volume. Do not forget to adapt to the appropriate proportions of the space.

Pictures of interiors with plant terrariums

terrarium plants glass vessels irregular build your own terrarium

terrarium plants make terrarium plants easy to care for

 DIY projects with old light bulbs – terrarium

terrarium plants diy projects with lightbulbs build your own terrarium

Unique glass vessels for creating an original terrarium – coffee pot terrarium

terrarium plants make terrarium yourself indoor plants decorative items

 Hanging wall decoration

terrarium plants glass vessels hanging around wall decoration ideas

 Terrarium shape – round, oval or square

terrarium plants glass vessel oval hanging wall decoration ideas

DIY air plant terrarium ideas

terrarium plants glass vessels rounded with opening sea star moss

 Tinker plant hanging baskets

terrarium plants glass vessel create irregular hanging baskets

Bring old mason jars to use

terrarium plants glass terrarium build yourself deco ideas

Cactus species in elegant glass vessels

terrarium plants cacti build your own terrarium indoor plants easy to care for

Combine succulents, moss and sturdy plants

terrarium plants moss glass container build your own terrarium indoor plants

Add decorative stones

terrarium plants hanging glass vessels round

Terrarium in a glass of water

matching terrarium plants glass vessels small stones moss

Decorate the living room table

matching terrarium plants glass vessel moss decorative items

A rectangular terrarium enhances the desk

            terrarium plants glass vessel rectangular desk decorate

Make your own terrarium – mix of color and texture

terrarium plants succulents build your own terrarium