tender-blue-sea green-red-dining area

Do you want to make your dining room even more cozy, brighter and funnier? The easiest way to do this is to use contrasting colors. You have several interesting options. The first examples will show you how you can bring more shine and brightness into the dining room by painting the wall in light shades. The next proposals present a fresh interior designed with the help of colorful chairs and the final design ideas will inspire you to decorate your furnishings with fabrics, curtains and table sets in different colors, attractive and original.

Even if the dining area is in your kitchen, where space is very limited, you can follow our excellent tips and make them a reality. Just don’t forget to use the right color palette!

Cheerful dining area with a colorful table, pink piano and yellow curtains


 Original outdated cabinet with floral decorations and plate decoration on the wall

decoration-flowers-orange-old-cabinet  Attractive dining area in blue and white with chairs in different styles and colorseclectic-style-blue-wall


Nice dining room with original table decorations and colorful chandeliersdining-corner-colored-decoration-colored-chandelier

 Fresh designer solution in light yellow and green tonesdining area-yellow-decoration-chairs Elegant dining room design with purple curtains, purple plates and flowers dining-corner-purple-decoration-curtains  Attractive decoration idea for the dining room with hanging lamp and chairs in 3 different colorsdining area-white-blue-red  Orange decoration for the dining room with elegant wall decoration and beautiful chairsdining area-white-orange  Stylish chrome chairs and tables and attractive red curtains for the dining roomdining table-black-fresh-curtains

 Extravagant dining area with chairs and hanging lamps in various colorsdining room-3d-wallpaper-colorful-chairs Wall decoration with floral pattern in black and white and smart red chairsdining room-floral-pattern-wall-red-chairs  Blue walls and light blue hanging lamp for the dining areadining room-light-blue-walls-hanging-lamp  Dining room with purple wooden chairs, red mirror and striped curtainsdining room-wooden table-fireplace-romanticdining room red wall chairs fresh-dining-area-pink-chair-legs futuristic-funny-colorful-chairs-table green-chairs-white-metal table bright-dining area-orange-roller blinds wooden table-red-chairs-hanging-lamp wooden-table-chairs-carpet-red-dots interesting-old-chairs-table strong-colored-kitchen-buffet-dining table solid wood table-chair-covers modern-dining-table-cyclame-color modern-kitchen-white-orange original-creative-dining-corner-colorful upholstered chairs-white-blue-sea pattern robust-wooden-furniture-white-blue robust-table-pink-purple-chairs romantic-rattan-chairs-pink-wall flashy wall decoration coffee table stylish-shelf-wooden-table-wooden chairs white-table-upholstered-chairs-flower pattern female-decoration-dining-room-pink-flowers

 Text with Katja