unique dining tables in black and white glass surface

10 unique dining tables: Bon appetit!

When it comes to dieting, many of us face limitations – low-carb, low-fat, gluten-free foods, and the like. Despite countless substitutes and imaginative solutions for food, the adventurous of us miss absolute freedom and thus also the full joy of eating.

Then we have the option of using the power of suggestion and turning the preparation of dinner into an event – it will also taste much better that way. The following dining table designs are able to turn a very simple meal into a meaningful event. Be it a fresh, green meadow under the plates or spaghetti made of metal under the table, there is something for every taste. Great shapes and subtle colors give the stylish table design even more elegance and exclusivity. Let your imagination run wild! Bon appetite and good health!

Grass meadow table surface from Haiko Cornelissen Architecten

unique dining tables green meadow

The Quantum by Jason Phillips

unique dining tables quantum model very abstract

Rustic wood dining table by  George Nakashima

unique stylish dining tables rustic made of coarse wood

Spaghetti dining table by Jason Phillips

unique dining tables spaghetti-like gigantic nails

Hanging dining table by Bernstein Architects

unique stylish dining tables hanging white pink red plastic armchairs

DNA-inspired table by Paul Loebach

unique dining tables dna model inspiration

Extendable table from Poggenpohl

unique dining tables extendable with plenty of storage space

Extendable table from Sculptures Jeux

unique dining tables expandable construction made of light wood

Modern dining table by Carpanelli

unique dining tables in black and white glass surface

Salombe dining table by John Lee

unique dining tables light wood with an unusual design