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Cool Halloween decoration ideas made from pumpkins

Even if Halloween as a traditional festival is only just beginning to establish itself in autumnal Germany, sales of pumpkins in this country also increase many times over, especially in October. However, it is not only the ready-to-eat varieties such as Hokkaido or Butternut that are of interest to most buyers, but also the big, thick pumpkins, in which the creepy faces can be carved so wonderfully.

A Halloween pumpkin in front of your own front door not only creates a spooky, creepy feeling and shows the candy-looking children where they could possibly be successful, but is also a varied decoration idea that can decorate every front yard with a little practice and a little skill can.

As the general enthusiasm for Halloween increases, so does the multitude of different templates and instructions that can now be found on almost every corner. While Halloween pumpkins used to be carved free-hand, various instructions, such as those made available at kuerbis-schnitzvorlagen.de, not only ensure that the result meets your own requirements, but also that there is enough creativity and Evoke carving pleasure.

Halloween decoration ideas do it Yourself

halloween decor ideas carving pumpkin

Halloween decoration ideas – How to carve a Halloween pumpkin?

With the help of a pumpkin carving template, the individual parts of a pumpkin can be optimally carved out. First, however, the pumpkin has to be hollowed out. The pumpkin seeds as well as the pulp must be removed to a large extent. This is the only way to prevent, among other things, that the pumpkin starts to mold too quickly or that birds attack the autumn decorations.

To hollow it out, the upper part of the pumpkin, around the stalk, is cut open so that it can later be reused like a kind of lid. For example, if you want to put a candle in the hollowed-out pumpkin, the lid ensures that the candle remains sheltered from the wind.

Halloween decoration ideas – WiThe carving template works

The carving pattern usually consists of eyes, mouth and nose, which are cut differently depending on the model selected. This template should first be printed out and then cut out along the dotted lines. Then the outlines can be cut out on the previously hollowed out pumpkin, whereby the distance can be determined by yourself. Depending on the size of the pumpkin, the mouth, nose and eyes should either be a little wider or a little closer together.

Halloween decoration ideas – pumpkin carving template

halloween decoration ideas carving templates

Once the template has been drawn on the pumpkin, the carving itself can begin. A sharp knife is required for this. This is now cut through the pumpkin along the painted lines until the bordered part can be detached from the wall of the pumpkin. It is not only important to show tact, but also patience and skill. Since the outer walls of a pumpkin prove to be extremely robust and cutting through them usually requires a lot of effort, children in particular should never carve pumpkins without supervision.

Halloween decoration ideas – Individual embellishments

Once the pumpkin face is carved, there is still plenty of room for further decoration options. For example, the pumpkins can have a mustache or a wig, which can be made from old fabric or wool scraps. Different colors or fake blood can also be used and make the already scary pumpkin face a shade more scary.

However, if you want to position a candle in the pumpkin, you should be careful that no combustible material can get into the flame. Otherwise, especially those who work with hair or fabric scraps run the risk of them catching fire. Otherwise, however, there are no limits to the imagination and what is fun when it comes to pumpkin carving is allowed. Incidentally, the iconic orange heads are not only good in the front yard but also on the windowsill. However, this only applies as long as the pumpkin does not smell.