Do you get an unexpected visit from a loved one over Christmas or do you just want to surprise your neighbors with something nice? Or maybe you are tired of those mundane vouchers that you have already given your loved ones umpteen times? Then you’ve come to the right place, because today we’re going to show you some great ideas for homemade last-minute Christmas gifts that look personal and bring a lot of joy. Do not worry! You don’t need to be skilled hobbyists to implement these simple DIY projects. And for most of them, you may already have all the necessary materials and ingredients at home.

Homemade last-minute Christmas gifts look much more personal

hot chocolate in jar last minute christmas gifts

Last minute Christmas gifts to feel good

Think wellness! With just a few simple ingredients, you can make wonderful feel-good products yourself and give them away for Christmas. Bath salts and bath balls, body scrub and soap as well as lip peeling are some of the most popular gift ideas to make yourself.

Give away homemade bath salts with rose petals

Make bath salts yourself last minute Christmas gifts

In this bath salt variant, dried rose petals and essential rose oil are used. You can also opt for lemon, lavender, rosemary, vanilla or a completely different fragrance of your choice. It would of course be ideal if you adjust this to the taste of the recipient if possible. Of course, this also applies to the other DIY wellness products that you would like to make yourself.

It would be even cooler with a Ball Mason glass

bath salt in a glass last minute christmas gifts

With raw soap from the craft shop or bought from the Internet, countless variations of homemade, fragrant soap can be made. You can find out exactly what you need and how it is done here. You can add dried spices, fruits and herbs, blossoms and glitter as well as food coloring and all-natural essential oils and design your soaps imaginatively. Special soap shapes make it easier to pour soap. However, you can also work with muffin or cake tins.

Add a few dried orange slices for the perfect Christmas touch

diy soap make last minute christmas gifts

Packed with wrapping paper and jute cord – a wonderful gift with a rustic aftertaste

make rose soap yourself last minute christmas gifts

You can also opt for the clear raw soap

make glycerin soap yourself last minute christmas gifts

Cinnamon, chocolate and vanilla are of course among the classics when it comes to Christmas fragrances

diy soap with cinnamon last minute christmas gifts

Make lip peeling yourself – a great gift idea not only for Christmas

Make your own lip peeling last minute Christmas gifts

Decorate the jar with a red and white string, rosemary and candy cane … done!

diy body scrub last minute christmas gifts

You can decorate DIY bath bombs like atmospheric Christmas balls, for example

diy ideas last minute christmas gifts

Make bath bombs yourself – an amusing crafting opportunity for you and your children. Because the wonderful bath balls can be made very quickly and easily, using cornstarch, citric acid, baking soda, skin-care oils and food coloring. Everything completely harmless and healthy. Plastic balls from the craft shop as well as silicone praline molds are suitable for molding. Here are the full instructions and other tips.

Make fragrant bath pralines in pastel colors

Make bath balls yourself last minute Christmas gifts

Children love to make bath bombs

Make bath bombs with children for last minute christmas gifts

These can even be designed as Christmas tree decorations

Make bath bombs yourself last minute Christmas presents

And have you already tried pouring scented candles yourself? It’s very easy and great fun. Here you can let your creativity run free again and make a lot of wonderful creations to light up. Experiment with different scents, herbs and spices and add the colors you want. Empty mason jars, mugs, tin cans and even the old porcelain cups and simple cookie cutters are ideal as original containers for your DIY candles.

Natural scents conjure up an even more festive mood for Christmas

last minute tinker christmas gifts candle pour

Cookie cutters with thematic motifs are a smart idea when pouring candles

cookie cutters candles last minute christmas gifts

Original DIY vintage candles also fit into grandma’s old porcelain cup set

vintage lanterns make last minute christmas gifts

Short instructions – easy and quick!

candles pouring last minute christmas gifts

Simple, disposable glasses with a clip lock make a good figure even as a candle holder

last minute pouring christmas gifts candle

Last minute Christmas presents from the kitchen

No less original and popular are culinary Christmas gifts that you can prepare yourself. Cookies, stollen and marzipan are, of course, classics. However, there are still a lot of great gift ideas from the kitchen that can not only be implemented very quickly, but also look a little more unconventional. How about, for example, a brownie or cookie mixture in a glass or different salt mixtures in test tubes? You can get plenty of inspiration for this from the Internet or come up with exciting combinations of spices and herbs based on your own cooking experience. Decorated with pretty ribbons and stickers, such gifts simply delight everyone. Homemade baked apple jam, cinnamon syrup, healthy energy balls or vegan banana bread – all great last minute Christmas gifts.

Delicious energy balls are very easy to prepare

energy balls with dates last minute christmas gifts

Here is the simple recipe for vegan banana bread

vegan banana bread last minute christmas gifts

Peppermint candies in red and white are also perfect for garnishing Christmas cakes

cake with candy last minute christmas gifts

Simply decorate practical screw-top jars as containers with beautiful gift ribbons

Jam jars full of candy last minute christmas gifts

With such glasses, however, the whole thing looks even more unusual

making last minute christmas gifts

Marshmallows in a glass – not a bad idea to give away either

bacon in a jar last minute christmas gifts

Just like a cookie mix with colorful candies or cocoa nibs

cookies mix last minute christmas gifts

And with a homemade cinnamon syrup you are simply on the right side for Christmas

make cinnamon syrup yourself last minute christmas gifts

Who says it always has to be sweet?

last minute christmas gifts vegetarian soup

Subtle packaging ideas for last minute Christmas gifts

How you present your gifts is also not unimportant, because the eye is happy too. If you do not have or do not want to buy special wrapping paper and ribbons, you can pack the Christmas gifts this year with simple wrapping paper and thread, wool or parcel string in a purist and discreet way. This type of packaging is ideal for home-made gifts and has been in vogue for some time anyway.

Red and white candies and candy canes are an original decoration

packing last minute christmas presents with sweets

Or small Christmas trees and stars made of twigs, wool or straws 

packing last minute christmas presents

And this is how a funny snowman is made out of gift packages

last minute christmas gifts packed snowman

On the other hand, you can make sustainable DIY gift packaging from toilet paper rolls with very little effort

last minute christmas gifts wrapping loo rolls

In the following you will find some unusual upcycling gift ideas that you can implement very easily and quickly. Most of them just need your hot glue gun and a little attention to detail. Others, on the other hand, can only be achieved with a few simple steps and a little glitter. Take a look at all the craft ideas and let them inspire you.

We wish you a lot of fun making your last minute Christmas gifts and a happy holiday!

make lanterns last minute christmas gifts

Red and white candy canes are real all-rounders when it comes to Christmas decorations

candy canes last minute christmas gifts

Make glittering lanterns for Christmas

ball mason jar last minute christmas gifts

Corks and pasta are among the most popular craft materials in general

cork reindeer last minute christmas gifts

making last minute christmas gifts with pasta

Who would have thought what cute snowmen can be made out of old socks!

last minute tinker christmas gifts snowman out of socks

How to make a snowman out of socks

Nail polish can be used to decorate mugs, glasses, candlesticks, etc. in an original marble look

marbling last minute christmas gifts ideas mug

For plant lovers, small DIY terrariums are a suitable gift idea for any occasion

succulents in jar last minute christmas gifts

Glue on pipe cleaners, red pompoms and googly eyes – and the funny reindeer are ready!

last minute christmas gifts in a glass