mobile house on wheels

A DIY mobile house with a cozy interior

When it comes to dream homes, many people imagine a house on the beach or a cozy cabin with a beautiful view over the mountains. Why not both? A mobile house would be the perfect alternative for that. It’s romantic, adventurous, and most importantly, flexible.

With a house on wheels like this one, you can always feel at home and on the move at the same time. Such houses give us an exciting mix of variety and emotions.

For these reasons, Melissa and Cris Tack chose just that mobile house decided. The new home cost them about $ 20,000. You used a heavy-duty trailer as a basis and built the building on it yourself. The living space is 40 square meters. That mobile house has its own power supply and is therefore completely independent. Four solar modules provide sufficient energy for the entire household. The insulation is simply mastered perfectly – with wool and cedar wood. This way it stays nice and warm in the house even on cold winter days. Ten windows, including a ceiling window, ensure sufficient daylight inside the house.

 Surrounded by nature

mobile house wooden boards car tires

The interior consists of a cozy living room, a comfortable kitchen, an attic where the bedroom is located, a bathroom and a toilet. A reservoir of propane gas covers the couple’s cooking needs and supplements solar energy. Cris even set up a workspace next to the refrigerator.

A mobile house is of course not for everyone. One should already have a certain worldview and attitude and be able to live modestly. A high level of adaptability is also part of it. But it is an extraordinary and unique way of life that also brings a lot of positive energy and joie de vivre. Convince yourself!

A cozy, bright ambience

mobile house light wood sofas open shelves

Multifunctional interior

house on wheels loft bed dark parquet

Everything at a glance

mobile house bunk bed perspective

Small but nice with quilt

mobile house quilt bedspread

Cooking can be really fun here

mobile house thick roof beams green curtain

Rustic and flirtatious

mobile house kitchen wall shelves

Original kitchen shelves and lots of storage space

mobile house woven baskets kitchen shelves

Efficient interior design

mobile home work table folding chair

Relax in front of the TV after a walk in the woods

mobile house with pointed roof cedar wood

Original bathroom with a large wooden barrel

mobile house small bathroom beer barrel

Fancy toilet in white

mobile house small toilet

Old window rolls for the wardrobe

mobile house wardrobe red dresser