Photo wallpapers have been making an absolute comeback for some time. With the development of digital technologies, photo subjects are becoming ever sharper and more authentic. These can be printed in different sizes and colors and can satisfy even the highest demands. If you put a high quality photo wallpaper in any room, you will instantly transform it into another world. There are innumerable ways to do this. For example, you can use a forest path to provide a beautiful perspective, conjure up a romantic city panorama behind the sofa or create an exotic holiday feeling with Caribbean islands. In the following lines we give you more important information about photo wallpapers as well as tips on how you can decorate your walls with them. We wish you a lot of fun choosing your motif and good luck with the application!

Attach the right photo wallpaper and expand small rooms in an original way

hd photo wallpaper attach wall design

It all comes down to the right preparation

This primarily refers to the preparation of the subsurface. The wall should be optimally smooth and homogeneous. Even small bumps can catch the eye later if there is light from the side. Also check the load-bearing capacity of the wall before actually wallpapering. Any hollow spots can be identified with a light tap.

If there are loose spots, the easiest way to remove them is with a spatula. It is also necessary to fill in all holes and deeper cracks. You should then sand all uneven areas smooth. Dust and dirt have no business on the prepared wall. It is best to prime the wall before attaching the photo wallpaper. This also significantly reduces the absorbency of the wall. Good preparation also includes drawing guidelines on the wall. This is most precisely done with a spirit level and helps you to attach the wallpaper strips precisely.

The perfect preparation of the wall is the be-all and end-all when attaching a photo wallpaper

modern kitchen furnishings attach photo wallpaper

Equipment and materials you will need

In addition to the selected photo wallpaper, which usually comes to you in one or more rolls, you also need the following tools and materials:

  • Wallpaper spatula
  • Wallpaper base
  • paste
  • Stir stick
  • paint brush
  • soft brush
  • Seam roller
  • Spirit level
  • Paste brush
  • scale
  • Craft knife
  • scissors

The right equipment is one of the most important requirements for a good end result

big wave 3d apply photo wallpaper

The three most important attachment options

Typically, photo wallpapers are made using flat screen or offset printing, and are made from different materials. Depending on the substrate and coating, the application methods also differ. here go to more detailed instructions on how to attach a photo wallpaper.

The following are most commonly used:

  • conventionally with paste

Above all, the inexpensive paper and the somewhat expensive non-woven wallpapers are attached in this way. The first one should first soak briefly and only then stick it to the wall. The second, on the other hand, are much easier to use because they don’t need to be pre-soaked. The paste comes directly onto the wall and the non-woven wallpapers follow.

You can also attach 3D motifs to the wall in different ways

3d photo wallpaper attach wall design kids room

  • self-adhesive wallpaper

This type of wallpaper is becoming more and more popular lately, because basically all you have to do is peel off the film on the lower side. Then the photo wallpaper can simply be stuck to the wall. If you have a steady hand, you can do it without any problems. Nevertheless, as with all other types of wallpaper, it is advisable to do the job in pairs.

  • pre-pasted photo wallpapers

An even simpler method of attachment is offered by wallpapers that already have the necessary paste on the substrate. The only thing left is to spray the wall with water before attaching it. Then, as usual, lay the wallpaper on in strips and smooth out carefully with the spatula and brush. complete!

You can not only attach ready-made motifs to the wall, but also your own

creative wall design apply photo wallpaper

Illuminate photo wallpaper properly

After you are completely satisfied with the wallpapering with the photo wallpaper, it is time to put your work in the limelight. Depending on the motif, your own preferences and furnishing style, the wall can be staged in different ways with the photo wallpaper. The lighting plays a fundamental role in this. This is achieved very elegantly, for example, with LED spots or strips that are attached below or above the wallpaper. Ceiling washlights and spotlights can of course also be used. Pendant lights or floor lamps should be selected in such a way that they can be a successful addition to the motif. Of course, the rest of the room design and decoration must also be coordinated with the photo wallpaper. Let your gut instinct speak and refrain from any kitsch. Let your own four walls appear in a new splendor and give you even more joy and well-being!

Sophisticated side lighting also creates the desired wow effect

attach photo wallpaper rose hd

So you can enjoy a beautiful view every day

attach new york photo wallpaper

Or marvel at spring

spring photo wallpaper affix living room-resized

And why not go to Paris every day??  

attach photo wallpaper paris city panorama