How can you easily build a folding table yourself?

Folding furniture is the perfect solution for small apartments. That much is already certain. What do you think of a folding table that you can build yourself and that has a double function – like a table and mirror in one. Unusual? For sure. But therefore also very original and multifunctional. This saves you a lot of space and when the table is not in use, you have a great large mirror in the room. We were fascinated by this idea. We hope you like it as much. Above all, the design of the table impresses with its subtle simplicity and clean lines. Such a piece of DIY furniture not only looks stylish, it also inscribes itself well in almost every interior design and fits into every living style. Scandinavian style chairs and a few fresh splashes of color, for example in pastel, are the perfect complement.

Build your own folding table, made easy

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Here comes the instructions with pictures.


  • Wooden boards
  • Metal fishing rods
  • mirrors
  • Adhesive tape for the mirror
  • Acrylic paint
  • L hook
  • Masking tape
  • Screws


  • paint brush
  • Wood drill
  • electric drill
  • Jigsaw
  • Sandpaper or wood grinder
  • pencil
  • ruler
  • Protractor
  • Masonry drill

Step 1: Draw a rectangle with the pencil

folding table build yourself mirror table wooden boards

First draw a rectangle on one of the wooden boards with a pencil. There should be at least 10 cm between the outer edge and the sides of the rectangle.

Step 2: Drill four holes with the wood drill

build your own folding table mirror table make your own diy idea to furnish a small apartment

Then take the wood drill and drill a hole in each corner of the rectangle.

Step 3: work with the jigsaw

build folding table yourself mirror table bosch smooth wooden boards

We recommend wearing craftsman gloves during this step. Using the jigsaw, cut out the area you have drawn, starting with the holes.

Step 4: sand with sandpaper or wood sander

folding table itself build wooden boards mirror

Take sandpaper or the wood sander to hand and carefully sand the edges until they are nice and smooth. This board will serve as a table leg and a mirror frame at the same time.

Step 5: paint with acrylic paint and attach the fishing rods

build folding table yourself rivets drill bosch

Paint the wooden frame, the second wooden board and the hinges with the acrylic paint of your choice and let them dry. When the parts are completely dry, connect the two table parts on their shorter side using the hinges. Use the electric drill for this.

Step 6: fix and attach the mirror 

build folding table yourself mirror diy project adhesive tape

Now place the mirror on the other side of the table top and fix its position with the masking tape. Then attach the adhesive tape / adhesive tape to the back of the mirror and attach it to the table top at the position that has already been fixed. Press gently but firmly. Then remove the masking tape. complete!

do it yourself ideas mirror table dining table

DIY folding table do it yourself project furniture diy table mirror

Step 7: attach the table top to the wall 

build folding table yourself do it yourself idea bosch technik

Now attach the table top with the mirror (as shown above) to the wall using the metal hinges and the masonry drill. In this way, the table can be easily opened.

Step 8: attach L-hooks to the wall

build folding table yourself do it yourself projects furnish small apartment

Last but not least, you only need to attach the L-hooks to the wall on the left and right of the folding table. These will secure the whole construction with the wall mirror option. That’s it!

Now you have not only saved a lot of valuable space, but also built a cool folding mirror table yourself. Congratulations! You did it!