rustic furniture dining room oak wood spanish design

What makes rustic furniture?

One of the most popular furnishing styles that is considered timeless is the country house style. It ensures a constant sense of well-being in your home and is reminiscent of southern landscapes and warm summer evenings. Many of the elements of this style come from the Mediterranean interior and take us to sunny Provence or picturesque Tuscany.

You are probably already familiar with the most important details that make up this furnishing style – robust ceiling beams, white linen, heavy carpets, solid oak and many more. Today we want to focus on rustic furniture. In this area there is a multifaceted variety on the market and everyone can choose the right one. We have collected a lot for you to give you a better overview.

Stylishly furnished baby room with a rustic flair

rustic furniture baby room modern oak wood

Usually people who like rustic furniture also like furniture that is designed in the shabby chic style, Scandinavian style and also in the so-called New Country look. This type of furniture is almost entirely made of wood, namely solid oak or beech heartwood. Very often these are painted in a natural look or in earth color. Shades like blue, green, and orange are also highly recommended. Wear marks and artificially outdated surfaces on them are particularly popular.

Wooden wagon wheels are an essential part of rustic style

rustic furniture living room cart wheel wood sofa coffee table

We also love the variant where you combine the valuable wood with meaningful wrought iron. This combination looks very effective on beds. Of course, coffee tables and bedside tables, chests of drawers and showcases also look very elegant when they are decorated with filigree, metal ornaments.

Strong metal kisses solid wood

rustic furniture living room coffee table dresser bedside table wood metal

Furniture made from tree trunks is intuitively perceived as rustic. For an exotic effect, you can also choose those made from bamboo. And if you feel like experimenting with a DIY furniture project, the best way to do it is with Euro pallets. It can be used to easily create any type of furniture – original beds, coffee tables, side tables, shelves and even vertical gardens for your herbs.

Let your imagination run wild and imagine your interior design in a rustic style. Of course, you can also just get a few elements from the country house style and combine them with those that will then ensure a balanced, eclectic ambience.

Casual and elegant with an industrial aftertaste 

rustic furniture elegant display walls industrial style

Make a cool dining table out of the old wooden door

rustic furniture diy dining table old wooden door

Robust coffee table made from Euro pallets

rustic furniture diy coffee table euro pallets can be folded out twice

Nice double bed made from old shutters

rustic furniture diy double bed wood shutters

Invite nature into your home

rustic furniture double bed natural wood

For the more refined taste

rustic furniture oak wood elegant dining room interior decoration

Rustic cosiness that makes optimal use of the space

rustic furniture loft bed study room bedroom

Give the old wheelbarrow a second chance!

rustic furniture wooden planks metal wheels wheelbarrow

Place chic, rustic armchairs on the terrace

rustic-furniture-wooden-armchairs-side-table-tree trunks-solid-wood

Find the perfect country style furniture set

rustic furniture modern light wood oak

Rough surfaces and stable construction

rustic furniture rough wood bright sliding door sideboard display cabinet rustic furniture, robust dining table, benches, wood, coarse grain

Antique design reloaded

rustic furniture bedroom interior decoration light wood wrought iron

Strong appearance with coarse grain

rustic furniture bedroom country style double bed dresser