used car tires round coffee table neon green

Used car tires – cool upcycling ideas for everyone

And once again we are about upcycling – more precisely about original craft ideas for which you can use used car tires. In this way you will not only create unconventional furniture, home accessories and decoration, but also act for the sake of nature.

Yes, it’s only a small contribution, but it definitely makes sense, and sometimes the little things are those that make a big difference. And don’t forget, never compare yourself to the others. Act with a clear conscience and look ahead. Be constructive and don’t hold up on giving free rein to your creativity and will every time you feel the need.

Do-it-yourself style and elegance

used car tires painted round stool

So if you have already changed your old car tires or are in the process of buying new ones, don’t throw the used ones away right away. First, think about what you could make out of it. Car tires have a huge, hidden potential within them. A lot of beautiful new items can be created from this. You will hardly believe it. Or maybe you already have experience with it? In both cases it is worth taking a look at our current collection. You are sure to find something interesting in there too. It’s amazing how you can work wonders with a minimal amount of effort, and sometimes even with just one tire. Stylish stools, coffee tables, hanging baskets, seating groups, mirror frames and much more are created from the unusable objects.

Chic and comfortable in orange

used car tires painted armchair orange sheepskin

You can just leave the car tires undecorated or paint them in a color of your choice. Of course, you can also cover them with leather, fabric or other natural materials. Yes, you can experiment according to style and taste. Even your pets can benefit. A very comfortable dog bed can be made out of an old car tire, where your dog feels just perfect.

Take a look and draw inspiration to the fullest. Combine sustainability and unusual ideas and create your own furniture or home items that you will always look at with pride and satisfaction. We wish you a lot of fun and good luck!

DIY hanging planter for succulents and cacti

used car tires painted white hanging flower pot cacti

Make your own lounger out of two car tires

used car tires comfortable lounger

Elegant balcony furniture to linger

used car tire coffee table round armchair

Strange rubber stairs for your garden

used car tires landscaping rubber stairs

Colorful ropes and colorful dots on the garden swings

used car tires garden swing

Your loved ones will be especially happy

used car tires dog bed pink

If you like natural materials

used car tires furniture round ottoman

Masterfully carved tire pendant lights

used car tire pendant lights

A cool bass speaker made from car tires

used car tires round bass speaker

  Luxurious look with leather

used car tires seating group reading corner leather

Wall decoration with succulents

used car tires succulent plants wall wreath

Painted white, the tire looks like a noble mirror frame in the baroque style

used car tires white mirror frame