Bedroom design headboard patchwork

Decorate the bedroom with a headboard

When it comes to our apartment, in our opinion the two most important rooms are the kitchen and the bedroom.

The bedroom is the room where we relax at night and it should be warm and cozy. The ambience there should be relaxing and revitalizing.

There are 20 creative DIY headboards here to get you started, good morning! and good night! wish.

Designing a bedroom – cool DIY headboards

design bedroom mountains headboard diy dream

1. Landscape diptych – Do you dream of a vacation in the mountains? Hang a diptych of your favorite place over your bed!

Headboard made from books

Bedroom design headboard books order

2. Book Headboard – This is definitely the best way to display your books. Do you agree that the books arranged in this way look more than a bookshelf, more than just an exhibit.

Illuminated headboard

design bedrooms with a luminous headboard

3. Illuminated Headboard – As shown in our typographic deco summary, this nifty piece causes real swoon.

Rustic headboard made from Euro pallets

Bedrooms make euro pallets headboard rustic

4. Rustic headboard made from Euro pallets – you can find these on the market for less than 5 euros.

Pegboard headboard

Designing a bedroom

children's room design hanger plants picture frame decoration

5. Pegboard Headboard – This is definitely our favorite headboard. Use pegboards and make an entire installation behind the bed. Hang plants, books, and a glass full of ear plugs

Tipi twin beds

design children's room headboard four-poster bed indian tent

6. Teepee Twin Beds – How fun do you find these? Perfect for a bit of adventure.

Rope design

Bedroom design ropes colorful headboard frame wood

7. Rope Design – For an abstract look, use different ropes and create a custom design.

Headboard made from red and white pillows

make bedroom headboard pillow fight interesting

8. Pillow headboard – It’s an invitation to a pillow fight..

World map sticker

Bedroom design world map headboard green

9. World Map Stickers – Plan all of your intercontinental travel destinations with this playful wall sticker.

School blackboard headboard

Bedroom design head black blackboard

10. School blackboard headboard – it’s just amazing!

The moonlight in the bedroom

moonlight bedroom design headboard kids room

11. Moonlight – Originally designed for kids’ rooms, this one would look great in your bedroom too.

Vintage mechanical shield

design bedroom sign mechanical vintage

12. Vintage mechanical sign – To recreate this one should visit the flea market. But we like the vintage fonts.

Birch twigs headboard

Bedroom design birch twig headboard

13. Birch branch headboard – We love the dark blue wall behind these lovely birch branches.

  ABC headboard – letters of different sizesdesign bedroom headboard ABC

Orange geometric shapes

Completely design the bedroom headboard geometric wall

Rustic country headboard – bedroom completely white   Complete bedroom headboard in a rustic, rural way

Book shelves behind the bed

Bedroom design headboard storage space shelves

Fairytale lights

Completely design a bedroom with a luminous headboard