Clothes moths fight girls green fresh clothes

Detect and remove clothes moths

Moths are a common household problem in pantries, where they feast on grains and cereals, and in the closet, where they raid wool, silk and other fabrics. To combat the clothes moths, one should use two-pronged methods: first remove the moths immediately, and then clean the room, take preventive measures.

If you’ve seen two or more moths fluttering around but you’re still not sure if they’re actually anywhere, look around for the following signs:

Fight clothes moths

Fight clothes moths clean

Tiny holes in your sweaters or other clothing. If you can even find one hole, there is most likely more. Check out all of your wool, silk, fur clothes that look dusty, discolored, or have a musty odor.

Clothes moths in the corners of the room or on the clothes.

Examine the clothes

Fight clothes moths check

Put out moth traps

Catch the clothes moths with pheromone moth traps that will attract and take care of them.

With the fly catcher and fish oil you can make your own trap. Hang them in the closet.

The mouse trap is also suitable for clothes moths

Wash the clothes

Wash clothes moths to combat

Be sure to wash all clothes

Wash the bedding and towels that you keep in the closet.

Remove all suitcases, bags and still clean them.

Clean the closet / pantry

Fight clothes moths clean

Soapy water or water with vinegar are the solutions – clean the floor and walls. You should be particularly careful to clean the crevices and crevices inside.

Vacuuming – you need a high-performance vacuum cleaner here to clean the carpet

Modern bedroom – open wardrobe

bedroom wardrobe fighting moths

Walk-in closet with metal frame

minimalist metal frame modern wardrobe

Variety of shelves

Fight clothes moths, clean, arrange modern

Vintage wardrobe arrangement

traditional wardrobe drawers shelves basket hanger

Dramatic color scheme – dark colors

ikea wardrobe wall mirror frame red clothes moths