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Interesting garden design ideas that give the garden uniqueness

There was a time a few years ago when Londoners felt ashamed of the lack of good restaurants. There were already these here and there, but they were relatively little widespread in the cosmopolitan city! It’s about London, Europe, the old continent from which gourmet cuisine comes.

The generation that began to change this included Ruth Rogers and Rose Gray, among others.

The River Cafe in London has a fresh garden

garden design ideas the river cafe london

No big changes, but still so popular

Many changes have happened since the restaurant “The River Café” was created. But one was never subordinate to the fashion trends here. So how did the restaurant stay popular for so many years? the garden design Ideas are a treasure trove from which one can draw again and again.

 The restaurant impresses its visitors with its attractive garden design

garden design ideas the river cafe

“The River Café” is very popular

garden design ideas london the river cafe

The restaurant from inside

garden design ideas the river cafe indoors

Not just in terms of the visual setup. The whole thing can be understood as an open lesson about which vegetables to eat this season and which not. The menu is both a delicious meal and an inspiration. This allows you to change your own ideas about how good the products from your own cultivation can taste.

Rough, but upscale-looking beds

Who says that the vegetable garden design ideas cannot appear natural, rough, but also really upscale at the same time. You can see that in the examples from this restaurant. This seems to be based on an idea that is relatively difficult to grasp in words.

It consists in symmetry and strict straight lines

garden saddles ideas the river cafe london photo clive nichols

Achieve a fresh atmosphere in the outdoor area through plants

garden design ideas london the river cafe deco photo clive nichols

Peppers and artichokes decoration

Another message, which one the garden design Ideas What can be gleaned from The River Café is the way in which the production is handled. It is also understood as a fresh decoration. Sometimes also as a living decoration.

This works wonderfully in the case of artichokes, for example

garden design ideas the river cafe artischoke photo clive nichols

Paprika as decoration

garden design ideas paprika as a decoration the river cafe photo clive nichols

Most of the menu is illustrated in pictures

The pleasure of good food consists largely in relaxation. The relaxation often comes from the fact that instead of conveying something in writing, in many cases it is done in pictures.

This is a method by which you can relax and at the same time understand things more intuitively. This is also the case in The River Café with the food on offer. Some of them are there before our eyes. The process of enjoying food is much broader and more satisfying.

Various plants are grown in the restaurant’s garden

garden design ideas wooden plant containers photo clive nichols

Colored flowers are not missing either

garden design ideas the river cafe photo clive nichols

A beautiful exterior offers more enjoyment

garden design ideas huge planters plant vegetables

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