It will soon be colorful and glittering again … Carnival is just around the corner. One of the greatest party and handicraft times of the year after Easter and Christmas! At Mardi Gras you can enjoy the amusing handicrafts with children again and create a lot of magical things together. Funny masks, glittering garlands, confetti cannons and much more is super easy to make with just a few materials. Check out these simple ideas below and get inspired by them!

Handicrafts with children for carnival

do handicrafts with children for carnival diy ideas

Make simple carnival masks with children

DIY masks made from paper plates are super original. These can only be tinkered with the help of scissors and a pencil as well as some paint and straws. Animals and monsters are created in no time and children have a lot of fun tinkering and carrying. You can help the little ones by downloading ready-made templates from the Internet and then printing them out.

You can of course also paint these yourself if you dare to. The children can then stick additional stickers or colorful scattered decorations on it as well.

Make simple masks with children for the carnival

make funny masks with children from paper plates

Colorful carnival mask design with paper feathers

tinkering ideas for carnival tinkering with children

A popular craft idea for masks is to use hand prints or templates as a basis. These are then cut out of cardboard or glitter paper and provided with openings for the eyes. Colorful feathers on it round off the whole thing and a straw or strap makes it easier to carry or sit on.

You can make such masks together with your children for the carnival party

handprint masks tinker with feathers for the carnival

Even if they are simply painted, they look super original

mask handprint tinker with children

And when you no longer need old sunglasses, now is the time to give them a second chance. Turn it into an original carnival mask. Decorate the sunglasses with colorful feathers and sequins using an all-purpose adhesive. Let your child help with the arrangement of the feathers and the design in general. This supports the imagination and promotes fine motor skills.

Older children in particular appreciate these handicraft ideas

handicrafts with children for carnival

Original craft ideas with toilet rolls for the carnival

Doing handicrafts with children is always an incredibly great thing. Toilet paper rolls are perfect for this and are not only a super sustainable craft material, but also a very versatile one. A number of small figures or party decorations can be made from this. How about these funny toilet roll dragons downstairs, for example? All you need are empty toilet paper rolls, pom-poms, some paint, googly eyes and colored tissue paper, cut into strips. Then just glue everything on, as you can see in the picture and the fun can begin. When you blow from the side of your eyes, the tissue paper strips flutter nicely in the air, creating a dragon fire effect. Really cool!

Make kites out of toilet paper rolls with children for Carnival

tinker kites with kids toilet rolls tinkering ideas

Unicorns are also a big topic at carnival

unicorn with toilet rolls for carnival

Small, beautifully decorated crowns can also be created very quickly from toilet rolls

Tinker crowns with children for carnival

Lots of small figures like pirates and parrots are perfect for handicrafts with children

do handicrafts with children at carnival with toilet paper rolls

Little monsters full of candy too

candy monsters tinker with children

Make confetti cannons and party decorations with children

There are still a lot of original party decoration ideas to implement for carnival handicrafts, such as DIY confetti cannons. A great variant of this are those made from toilet rolls and balloons. The necessary materials for this ingenious idea are: empty toilet paper rolls, scissors, tape, balloons and lots of colorful confetti from the party shop. After that, everything goes super fast. Balloons are knotted and slightly cut. The cut page is then spun onto the opening of each toilet roll and the roll is filled with confetti. When the long-awaited moment arrives, the child pulls the balloon knot and the festive confetti will fly into the air. Splendid!

Little effort, big effect …

Confetti cannon tinker with children for carnival

Every child is just happy about it … I promise!

Confetti cannon tinker with kids toilet rolls tinkering ideas

handicrafts with children for carnival confetti cannon

With a few creative ideas and a little imagination, doing handicrafts with children at Mardi Gras will be a great experience for you and your little ones. Draw even more inspiration from our handicraft gallery below and spend a lot of fun handicraft hours together!

Crafting with pasta isn’t a bad idea either

handicrafts with children for carnival craft ideas with pasta

Paper plates have enormous craft potential …

tinker with children paper plate ideas

This is how you create a funny clown

clown handicrafts with children at carnival

Or colorful maracas full of pasta or rice

do handicrafts with children for carnival maracas yourself

Paper plate masks are very popular with children

tinker polar bear mask from paper plate with children

creative mask tinker with children

tinker paper mask with children at carnival

A nice handicraft idea for very young music makers

tambourine handicrafts with children for carnival

simple materials

materials tambourine tinker with children

and very fast production

tambourine tinker with children instructions

Egg cartons are ideal as DIY masks

tinker egg carton masks with children

Tinker masks with children carnival ideas

making masks with egg carton with children

And with a few plastic spoons and a surprise egg, children can make atmospheric rattles

maracas tinker with kids carnival tinkering ideas

washi tapes maracas with children

maracas do handicrafts with children for the carnival

Just let your children’s imagination run wild and join in the handicrafts!

handicrafts with children for the carnival clown

handicrafts with children to make carnival masks yourself

make simple masks with children

handicrafts with toddlers mask with handprint

handprint masks with children for carnival      colorful paper plate masks tinker with children

clown handicrafts with children for carnival     unicorn tinker with children for carnival

Make unicorn slime yourself for carnival

unicorn glittze putty do handicrafts with children     make confetti slime yourself, handicrafts with children    Make a mask out of paper plate with children

Make a mask with children for carnival  make masks with children simple ideas  Making masks with children for the carnival

polar bear mask tinker with children

tinker panda mask with children

paper plate mask for carnival handicrafts with children

making masks with children

party fish crafts with kids

smily tinker masks with children