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Engrave with letters glass

Do you want to have glass engraved? Do you know that there are also methods and tools with which you can do the engraving yourself? We would like to bring this option closer to you. On the one hand, you can now consider whether this would be a suitable option for you. If not, then you still have the chance to have your glass engraved.

But you have not lost anything in either case, because you have learned something exciting, right?

Specifically, today we are going to explain to you how you can engrave letters on a glass.

This is what you need to engrave glass

glass engraving tools auxiliaries

Let’s start with the products you need for glass engraving. These are:

– Glass objects to be engraved,

– Etching paste,

– glass cleaning agents,

– Blue or green painter’s tape,

– plastic gloves,

– letter stickers

– clothes that you can stain.

Make the glass surface clean

First of all, the glass must be made perfectly clean. To do this, you need the right fabric and cleaning agent. Make sure that you really get all of the dirt, dust and fingerprints off the objects to be engraved.

Apply painter’s tape

glass engraving instructions adhesive tape

Now you would have to apply a piece of painter’s tape to the glass to be engraved. Firstly, you cover the area that must not be scratched. In addition, you can precisely determine the area in which the inscription or the initials that you want to engrave on the glass will be located. Most of the time, the best effect is achieved if you choose the upper third of the object. But you can also choose a different position.

Make sure the painter’s tape has just been applied

With round and oval glass objects one often has the problem that the tape is not completely straight. There are many wrinkles in this. As a result, the bottom line is not exactly straight either. However, this is bad for the result later, because it will not be very straight and precise. Make sure the painter’s tape has been smoothed out really well around the area to be engraved. Of course, if you are engraving a piece of glass that is smooth, you don’t have this problem.

Attach the letters

engraving glass instructions attach letters

Now we come to the next stage of the process, which is arguably no less tricky. You need to stick the letters slightly under the edge of the tape. Make an effort to pinpoint the position of the letters and avoid slipping.

Be very patient as you perform these actions. Applying the letters is the hardest part of the whole process for most people. It is normal when you may have a little problem. But if you take enough time so that the painter’s tape lies straight and smooth, then the result will be really worth it.

How to center the word

In order for the word or initials to be exactly centered, it is best to start with the positioning of the middle letter. After you have determined exactly the middle, you will be able to distribute the others more easily.

Painter’s tape around all sides of the letters

glass engraving instructions letters adhesive tape

Now you should also apply painter’s tape to the bottom and sides of the letters. You would need to pay extra attention to this step of glass engraving as well. The painter’s tape should be the same distance from the letters on all sides. What we just said about the stripe about the letter also applies here: Take your time to adapt everything really well. Only in this way would you achieve results that would satisfy you.

Not too large areas at once!

It is important not to engrave too large areas on the glass at once. For this reason, it is important that the letters are also close to each other. With this technology, which we are talking about today, everything works fine. Otherwise you would just have to have your glass engraved.

Put on the plastic gloves

It is important that you put your plastic gloves on now. Atz paste is very dangerous for your health and you should not underestimate this fact.

You should also protect your body and ideally wear special glasses.

Apply the etching paste

engraving glass instructions editing letters

Now you should apply a layer of the etching paste to the glass surface with a suitable stick. It may be that this one has some visible pieces of crystal. It is very natural. Unfortunately, where there were crystals, the results will be rather odd. With another chopstick, you could remove any pieces of crystal from the area to be worked on.

Let the etching paste sit like this for five minutes

engraving glass wait for instructions

Now you would have to leave the etching paste on the glass for about five minutes. It is very important that you adhere to it in order for you to get the best results possible. It can’t be less. But they can be around ten minutes. The longer waiting time doesn’t do any harm, but it doesn’t bring any particular advantages either.

After about two to three minutes you should use the stick to smooth the etching paste layer and around it. In this way, bubbles and crystals are to be avoided. As we said before, you shouldn’t allow these to spoil the good results.

Remove the etching paste

Now you can remove the etching paste. Under no circumstances should you take off your gloves, protective clothing and glasses. Depending on what kind of sink you have, you can do the washing up there. Make sure that the surface is not scratched and spoiled.

Dry the glass well and don’t use it for a while

The letters and painter’s tape are easier to remove with warm water

engraving glass washing instructions

Do not try the engraving on valuable glasses

As you may have seen, glass engraving isn’t super complicated this way. But at the same time you can do a lot wrong with a lot of clumsiness. For this reason it is better not to “train” on your valuable glasses. For really sophisticated figures and solutions, you should perhaps have a glass set professionally engraved.

They also use other, safe methods there

glass engraving instructions address ready

With this technique you can make a whole set of glasses

glass engraving finished glasses

Mason jars are also just perfect for this

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