It is one of the most beautiful carnival costume ideas for girls and women to transform into a mermaid. Little and big mermaids like to slip into glittering fins for carnival or Halloween. Motto children’s parties also often and happily take up this fairytale theme. If you would like to dress up for Mardi Gras this year or maybe plan a children’s birthday party, then you’ve come to the right place. Because today we have 70 super great ideas for how to put on mermaid make-up. We will also show you exactly how you can achieve the cool fish scale effect on your skin with make-up and become an eye-catcher on Rose Monday or on Women’s Carnival.

Apply mermaid make-up and make childhood dreams come true

Mermaid make up for carnival

Mermaid make-up – the instructions

In addition to the unicorn and princess frozen, the mermaid is one of the most popular carnival costume ideas for girls. When applying make-up for the mermaid look, a particularly simple but very effective technique has established itself – fishnet tights make-up.

This brings the desired fish scale look to the face, neck or shoulders. So instead of using store-bought dandruff stickers, you can go ahead and use this original and simple method and apply mermaid make-up.

What you need for this:

  • a small-meshed fishnet tights
  • Eyeshadow (green, blue, silver)
  • Highlighter
  • Makeup foundation
  • Glitter primer (optional)
  • paint brush
  • small glitter makeup sequins
  • false eyelashes

Mermaid make-up step by step

mermaid makeup instructions

And let’s go:

First, clean your face with micellar water or a face foam of your choice and dry it lightly with a soft cloth. Gently apply the make-up foundation and, if desired, the glitter primer. First, apply makeup to your eyes and eyebrows. We recommend conjuring up beautiful smoky eyes in light and dark blue. Then take the fishnet tights and virtually cut a tube out of them. Gently pull it onto your face and pick up the eyeshadow. Now start painting the fish scales. Using the brush, apply the blue and green eyeshadows where you want the fishy look.

Imagination and creativity know no limits here

first class mermaid make up ideas

It looks really great if you first start with the very darker tones at the top of the forehead and at the hairline and then nicely outline the upper part of the face. You can also make up your cheeks and chin if you wish. Add even lighter shades to it and blend in lightly at the end with the silver eyeshadow or with the highlighter. This is how the fish scales look even more realistic. The best way to remove the fishnet tights is to cut them open so that they don’t slip and smudge the scales. Now all that remains is to attach the glitter sequins, pearls or rhinestones here and there to the skin and put on the false eyelashes. complete!

Extra tip: For easy application of the sequins and the like, you can apply a little eyelash glue to the desired areas of skin and stick on the small particles with tweezers or your fingers.

It’s even more professional like this:

With mermaid make-up you can really let off steam and let your creativity run free. You can also work with other shades, such as pink, purple or gold and silver – whichever you prefer. Pearls, small and large shells and other marine finds can also enrich your mermaid look and provide great highlights. An incredibly beautiful dressing up idea – mermaid crowns.

You can also make the great hair accessories yourself

Mermaid make-up headdress with seashells

Face painting ideas for little mermaids

Although you can use the fishnet pantyhose technique to make up little girls as mermaids, it would be better, especially for small children, to prefer face painting / face painting. Face painting is simply much gentler and more playful and makes the little ones even more fun. You simply paint beautiful motifs such as shells, dolphins, waves or fish scales on your face and design the whole thing in the appropriate sea colors. Of course, a lot of creativity and a steady hand are again desirable here. You can see in more detail how to do this in the following video.

A little mermaid is created with little effort and a lot of love:

Rhinestones or pearls also look great on the face painting motifs

mermaid make up little mermaid

Even the little ones love to be made up as a mermaid

beautiful ideas mermaid make-up for girls

Take a look at the other beautiful mermaids from our picture gallery and let them inspire you. Mermaid make-up is not difficult, but you need a little patience, a pinch of imagination and a little bit of magic. Have fun putting on make-up and transforming yourself and … Alaaf!

Mermaid make-up can look very different every time

Mermaid make up carnival ideas

mermaid make up beads

Mermaid make-up with pearls

Lots of glitter and glamor …

beautiful make up mermaid make up

Mermaid make up beautiful ideas for the carnival

Mermaid make up blue with pearls

Or rather more colorful and cheerful

Mermaid make up rhinestones and flowers

sexy mermaid applying makeup for carnival

Mermaid make up ombre hair blue

mermaid makeup purple lipstick glitter

The boho style goes just as well with mermaids

Mermaid make up blue hair braided hairstyle

boho mermaid makeup

boho mermaid make-up for carnival

red-haired mermaid applying makeup

And some inspiration for the very subtle mermaids

carnival mermaid make-up

mermaid applying makeup to karnval blue hair

mermaid makeup sexy idea

mermaid make up glitter

Mermaid make up discreetly

simple make up mermaid make up

And kids … they just always have fun!

original face painting ideas mermaid make up

mermaid makeup girl face painting ideas

mermaid applying makeup to little girl

mermaid make up children

mermaid makeup ideas for girls

mermaid face paint ideas girl

mermaid face paint ideas

Even more ideas for little and big mermaids …

original 3d mermaid make-up

Mermaid make up forehead rhinestones  mermaid applying makeup for halloween   neon colors mermaid make-up

Mermaid make-up professionally

mermaid makeup pink color   mermaid makeup girl  Mermaid make up shell crown

Mermaid make-up mystical

Mermaid make up artistic ideas for the carnival    mermaid make up carnival costume

mermaid make up golden crown

Mermaid make up ideas for carnival

mermaid make up carnival ideas  mermaid make up carnival costume ideas

Mermaid make up glitter starfish

Mermaid make up carnival costume ideas

Mermaid make-up for carnival

Mermaid make-up carnival idea make up

Mermaid make up carnival ideas

mermaid face painting for girls

mermaid face painting ideas for girls

mermaid face painting carnival

mermaid face painting children     girl mermaid make-up  glitter make up mermaid make up

glittering mermaid make-up

halloween mermaid makeup

little mermaid make up kids

little mermaid makeup

creative ideas mermaid make-up for carnival

face painting mermaid applying makeup for carnival  face painting ideas mermaid make up

blonde mermaid applying makeup for carnival

blue hair mermaid make-up for carnival