What was a common means of transport and packaging made of fabric in Japan a few centuries ago is now a trendy and, above all, environmentally friendly method of wrapping gifts. The Furoshiki shawl has been trendy in this country for some time. It can be used very creatively, not only as zero-waste gift packaging, but also as a carrier bag, picnic towel or as a chic accent in the interior. What is important in a traditional Furoshiki cloth and how to fold it, you will find out below. You will also find some very inspiring application ideas that are useful and creative at the same time.

Use a Furoshiki cloth in many ways

traditional furoshiki cloth folding instructions

The short story of the Furoshiki cloth

As already mentioned above, this shawl was very popular in Japan during the Nara period and can be used in many areas of life. The Furoshiki folding technique always worked well, especially when it came to transporting shopping and other items. Later, with the development of the so-called bathing culture during the Edo period, the Furoshiki cloth took on the role of a practical culture bag.

In it one wore the necessary clothes when bathing. Traditionally, the versatile cloths were made from the Chirimen fabric. It is a high-quality silk fabric that was usually used for kimonos. Furoshiki is always square and often made of fine cotton. Nowadays, the wipes are even made of recycled plastic, which enhances their environmentally friendly effect as packaging.

Stylish fabric packaging in the household, Japanese style

furoshiki cloth folding instructions zero waste packaging

Anyone can fold Furoshiki scarf

The square cloths can be found in different sizes. Those with a side length of between 70 and 100 cm are the most commonly used. For your orientation: in order to wrap a gift with a height of about 20 cm, you need a cloth with a side length of about 100 cm. This is how most of the folding techniques and the corresponding knots succeed. Speaking of knots, that’s what counts when folding a Furoshiki scarf. There are different types of knots that can be used. However, four of them are the most important and the most widespread. Above all the simple double knot, the “Ma-musubi”. The other three are then the vertical double knot, which we know as the old woman’s knot, the bowline knot and the loop knot. This is the only way to make great packaging and bags.

“Ma-musubi” – the common double knot

furoshiki cloth zero waste packaging

With the help of the following folding instructions you can tie a cute and super fancy tote bag yourself from a Furoshiki cloth. This is perfect for smaller purchases or items. You can also use it to go to the beach or take a walk. A book, a thin scarf and your cell phone fit in perfectly.

This folding technique can also be used for gift wrapping

furushiki cloth folding instructions

The fresh colors and the selected patterns on the towels in themselves ensure the ultimate wow effect. The recipient is twice as happy and not only gets the nice surprise in the scarf, but also the actual Furoshiki, which can then be used in many ways.

Just let your creativity run free and never wrap your gifts with conventional wrapping paper again. In this way you not only give more pleasure, but you act carefully and sustainably. Enjoy the Japanese way of life and learn the art of packaging with Furoshiki towel!

Colorful and environmentally friendly in one

wrapping gifts zero waste furoshiki cloth

furoshiki cloth upcycling gifts wrapping with fabric

Of course, it can also be done very discreetly and puristically

furoshiki cloth gifts packaging

furoshiki cloth gift packaging zero waste

puristic zero waste gift packaging furoshiki cloth

You can even make your own Furoshiki towels yourself

diy ideas gift wrapping with furoshiki cloth

original gift packaging with furoshiki cloth

Wrap gifts with furoshiki cloth

furoshiki cloth instructions for packing the basket

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