Jewelry is the last detail in the outfit and it is very important that it accentuates the look. Every season there is a change in trends, including when it comes to jewelry, but the good thing about it is that you could also make your jewelry individually. Just keep up with the trends! Collecting ideas in advance is a must! A detailed description of the individual steps as well! Fortunately, thanks to the beautiful instructions, even beginners can make original jewelry accessories. These role models could serve as inspiration for a very individual project. Hobby artists have no limits! Just let your creativity run free!

tinker jewelry make fancy bracelet yourself

Did you like a nice necklace in the store? But whose color does not match the specific outfit? Doing things yourself could help in this case … You then get the piece of jewelery in the desired color and shape. You have the freedom to experiment: crochet, knit or thread jewelry – it’s a matter of taste!

Find a suitable material for your own project

If you want to make jewelry, you don’t just need ideas. Matching accessories are also popular. Atypical materials are also suitable for this purpose. Paper, textile, plastic, leather, pearls, wires, ribbons, semi-precious stones and precious stones, gold and silver elements, rhinestones and metal elements are at your disposal to create unusual creatures. You have to choose from beads made of glass, wood, acrylic etc., Rocailles, Beads, glass wax pearls and crystal cut pearls in order to realize your creative projects.

make jewelry diy bracelet from safety pins

But it doesn’t work without the necessary tools!

Self-made jewelry is fascinating because it is unique in itself. One-to-one coincidence is hardly possible. Homemade bracelets and necklaces can be funny or elegant, eye-catching or charming. But you should have certain handicraft characteristics! And deal with fine tools.

The internet is teeming with ideas on how to make bracelets, necklaces, earrings and whatever else. However, we have collected some of the most valuable ideas below. Do you want to master these techniques? Then follow the instructions and who knows: Maybe one day you will also make your own designed pieces of jewelery! Or is jewelry making your hobby? Then we will introduce you to a few inspiring craft ideas! Enjoy this!

DIY ideas jewelry making yourself ring making yourself

Braided glass bead necklace

This is a classic necklace that goes perfectly with an elegant outfit. You need:

  • a lot of glass beads
  • a chain
  • 2 jump rings
  • strong thread
  • a pair of scissors and pliers

make jewelry original necklace in fresh color

How to make a braided necklace from glass beads step by step can be seen below.

Safety pin bracelet with glass beads

What do you need:

  • Safety pins
  • Glass beads
  • thread

tinker jewelry bracelet from safety pins

Making the bracelet step by step:

Slices necklace

Homemade necklaces can look a lot more interesting than the usual ones. It’s much more exciting to make a necklace out of discs!

What do you need:

  • a pincer
  • 10 discs with a width of 10 mm
  •   12 jump rings with a width of 10mm
  • chain
  • Nail polish if you want to color the slices

tinker jewelry make your own necklace out of discs

How do you make the necklace:

  • color the slices with the nail polish
  • let this dry
  • connect the panes with each other using the jump rings
  • attach the washers to the chain
  • You could also wear the necklace on both sides

tinker jewelry reuse discs

Elegant ring made of wire

You can make beautiful rings yourself from wire. Let’s see how it works!

Triangle earrings made of leather

Geometric shapes are particularly trendy at the moment and also appear as fashionable elements in jewelry.

How to make triangle earrings:

  • old piece of leather
  • measure a few triangles of the same size
  • cut out the triangles with a sharp knife
  • paint this with two thin coats of paint
  • You can use several colors
  • glue a few triangles together and let them dry
  • make small holes in the top of the triangle with the knife and attach the wire with a tie ring

tinker jewelry tinker earrings made of leather in fresh colors

Design your own pieces of jewelry and realize your ideas. Only a little skill is necessary! And consistency, of course! Then enjoy your peculiar creations! Surprise the others too!

tinker jewelry make necklace from glass beads yourself