Heat wave or not, summer is simply the dreamiest season. Once again we are outside in the fresh air more often and longer and enjoy the warmth of the sun’s rays on our skin or the light breeze on our faces. Wonderful weather, long days on the beach or at the lake, lukewarm evenings in the garden with a barbecue, unforgettable summer parties and even more active exercise and sport – summer has the right thing for everyone. It doesn’t hurt if you increase the summer mood even more, with the right summer decoration for both inside and outside. There are numerous ways to do this and, depending on your own taste and personal preferences, you can choose these decoration ideas that suit you best.

Original summer decorations to make yourself

make old rubber boots summer decoration yourself

Today we have gathered plenty of ideas for your original summer decoration and present them to you in the picture gallery below. The numerous decoration ideas range from classic and subtle to very original, self-made creations to unusual upcycling projects. Let this inspire you and design your own DIY decoration for indoors and outdoors.

As you know, there are no limits to your creativity. Especially with upcycling, you can constantly have new ideas and awaken all kinds of old objects to new life.

Colorfully painted kitchen sieves turn into pretty flower pots in no time

creative summer decoration ideas for outside

Upcycling summer decorations – much more than just a trend

What started as a trend or an original decoration idea has long been considered a meaningful creative activity that stands for pure sustainability. Upcycling not only protects your wallet, but above all the environment. This means that old items are not simply thrown away, but are given a second chance. In fact, these even become a kind of art and turn into real eye-catchers in the garden, on the terrace or in your own four walls. Old car tires, wooden chairs, rubber boots, bicycles, wheelbarrows and Euro pallets are clear classics, especially for creative DIY garden decorations. But empty glass bottles, preserving jars, old cutlery, tin cans and kitchen strainers are also highly recommended as popular handicraft materials for upcycling.

Summer decorations from car tires are easy and quick to make

old tires summer decoration garden

Breathe summery into the interior

In addition to original handicraft and upcycling ideas, you can also invite the summer into your home with suitable colors, patterns and materials. In principle, the following applies: decide on one main color or at most three of them and introduce them into the home with textiles, home accessories, natural finds and even fresh flowers. Particularly warm, cheerful shades such as yellow, orange and red, especially in their pastel variants, are often preferred for a successful summer decoration. But also a cooling turquoise or calming celadon green can be selected to compensate and combined with white and cream as well as other neutral colors. On the other hand, sea finds, rough ropes, glasses full of sand, stripes in blue and red are typical elements of summer decorations in a maritime style and are often very popular with many people seasonally.

Provide fresh splashes of color with new pillowcases and bedspreads

bright colors summer decoration at home

The usual materials that scream for summer are soft silk and fine satin, but also thin cotton and coarse linen. These substances are not only completely natural, but also very pleasant on the skin. They also have a very cooling effect for body and mind and are therefore the ideal choice in the warm season, not only for at home, but also for outdoors and on the go.

For real fans of the maritime furnishing style

maritime summer decoration ideas for the home

Create your very special summer decoration with a lot of imagination and attention to detail and let summer come to your home. Even in all other seasons, such an atmospheric decoration is not out of place. But on the contrary! It will put you in a good mood and provide more energy and balance.

The Freshideen editorial team wishes you a lot of fun with handicrafts and decorating!

Here comes our picture gallery full of inspiration:

diy chandelier summer decoration

Fresh flowers and delicate glass – an unbeatable duo

DIY summer decor ideas to make yourself

summer decoration with bottles of decoration ideas to imitate

summer decor original ideas

summer decoration upcycling ideas to make yourself

 A real decoration classic – the Ball Maison glass

ball maison summer decoration ideas

ball maison glasses summer decoration

How about such a DIY wind chime, for example?

make summer decoration wind chimes yourself

Numerous decorative elements can also be created from old cutlery

old cutlery upcycling summer decoration

summer decoration upcycling tricks

And the old bike has already had its day?

old bike summer decoration

It’s the same with a few great upcycling items

wheelbarrow summer decoration garden

baking tray aluminum foil summer decoration

garden decoration upcycling summer decoration

nasturtiums old shoes summer decoration

summer decoration garden upcycling ideas

summer decoration in the garden with umbrella

upcycling ideas summer decoration for outside

upcycling summer decoration shoes and boots

bird garden summer decoration ideas with old objects

old toys upcycling ideas summer decoration

hanging basket made of tires summer decoration

simple summer decoration garden

garden decoration ideas summer decoration to make yourself

euro pallet upcycling summer decoration

upcycling garden ideas summer decorations to imitate

upcycling ideas summer decoration

Summer decoration from old tin cans is a thing in itself

upcycling summer decoration ideas lanterns

Make flower pots yourself summer decoration

summer decoration tin cans idea to imitate

scarecrow tin cans summer decoration

And what do you do nice with glass bottles, old dishes and co.?

old tableware summer decoration ideas

make colorful sand summer decorations yourself

blue glass bottles summer decoration

summer decoration diy lanterns made from old mason jars

summer decoration bottles border

summer decoration garden with bottles

decorate summer vases

For passionate hobbyists with natural materials …

make summer decoration wind chimes yourself

Painting seashells summer decoration

summer decoration ideas garden party

summer decoration maritime ideas

design summer decoration mini garden

summer decoration party ideas to make yourself

summer decoration to make yourself

painting stones garden ideas summer decoration

painting stones summer decoration

watermelon cloves summer decoration

 And a little more summer decoration inspiration with special techniques

make diy summer decorations yourself

Above all, the napkin technique also called decoupage

napkin technique summer decoration decoupage

Fold paper and decorate lamps

paper lamps decorate summer decoration

summer decoration ideas with butterflies to make yourself

DIY ideas with rabbit wire

summer decoration made of rabbit wire to make yourself

Pour candles

summer decoration pouring colorful candles

diy summer decor ideas coasters

summer decoration made of paper to make yourself

Arrange discreet interior decoration elements in a tasteful way

summer decor ideas house

summer decoration ideas at home

And how about a bit of a summer party atmosphere

make summer decorations yourself party decorations

summer decoration upcycling ideas