Mites in bed species diversity

The mites are very small arachnids and we cannot notice their presence at home. House dust is their natural habitat. They live in the toys, carpets, sheets, and mattresses. The plush toys in the nursery are likely home to a million mites, regardless of how often you wash them.

By themselves, the mites are not dangerous. The picture above shows it 350 times larger. They won’t bite or hurt you – they feed on dead skin cells – epidermis. The problem lies with the substances the mites release when they feed. You breathe these with the air, so they are a prerequisite for allergies and asthma

Fighting mites in bed

Mites in bed latex mattress foam

Your mattress is the largest incubator. If you are going to buy a new one, don’t forget that there are lots of dead cells at the bottom. The ideal habitat for mites. The foam mattress is also not recommended. It is best to choose a latex mattress. They do not have any cavities where dust and dirt can develop and they do not provide pleasant living conditions for the mites. Also, do not place this mattress directly on the floor. It is essential that you use a bed frame or frame so that you can clean under the bed more easily and effortlessly. But this is only the first step in combating it.

Mattress infested with mites

Mites in bed mattress bedroom

 The best way to clean the mattress and upholstered furniture is with a vacuum cleaner with a water filter. The substance on the surface of the water looks like greasy flour – these are actually the mites.

Many people think the fear of mites is excessive. But if in doubt, use a vacuum cleaner with a water filter.

The right mattress and prevention – that’s all that protects against house dust and allergies.

Decent, clean bedroom 

Set up mites in bed bedroom

Use salt

Mites in bed sprinkle mattress

Mites in the bed salt mattress

Life circle with the mites

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Dense mattress suitable for the development of mites    Mites in bed clean mattress bedding

The mattress with vacuum cleaner clean  Mites in bed vacuum cleaner mattress