The months of January and February are the biggest challenges of the year in terms of the quality of our health. After the euphoria of the festive season, we often feel pretty “down”. Also, during the Christmas season, we tend not to be very careful about what beverages and foods we eat. Many people get sick or depressed. Can that be avoided? Yes, of course, because there is a solution for this problem! Actually, it all comes from the fact that we don’t live in rhythm with nature. As soon as we achieve balance in this regard, all processes in our body will be better.

Beetroot is the perfect winter vegetable 

beetroot - healthy life

Diet plays a particularly important role in this regard. It used to be that you only ate the vegetables for the respective season. Today, mass production and globalization allow us to have all kinds of products available all year round. But that’s not necessarily good, because the seasonal vegetables are much better for our health.

Such foods bring us in harmony with nature and thus make us healthier. Opting for winter vegetables and seasonal fruits will give your immune system a great boost. Here are our tips in that regard!

Another versatile winter talent – cauliflower

winter vegetables - healthy living - radicchio

Pumpkins and carrots

The term “winter vegetables” would be inconceivable without the delicious pumpkin. We start eating it more often in autumn and it should stay that way throughout the cold season. Since we’re on the orange color, we also want to mention the carrots at this point. They are another typical example of winter vegetables that you can easily use in various dishes. You can sauté these together with onions in the preparation of many dishes before adding the main products. By the way, onions are also a very healthy tip for the winter. Take more of it with soups, hot dishes, and salads!

Crunchy salads can be made with celery 

great vegetables - great celery

Beet, celery, turnip rape, parsnip, radicchio

These products should definitely be added to your list of healthy winter vegetables. There are varied recipes of all kinds that contain them. By consuming these foods regularly, whether raw or cooked, you will be enriching your body with adequate vitamins and minerals.

Winter vegetables and fruits – great taste

winter fruits apples and avocado

Apples and avocado

When it comes to winter fruits, we recommend apples and avocado the most. The first are typical local foods that have boosted our immune system for many generations. It has already been proven that the vegetables and fruits from the region in which we live are best for our body. Therefore, apples should definitely be included in your menu. There are a number of delicious dishes, special desserts, which you can prepare with them. Avocado is a wonderful spread for bread and an excellent base for salads. In January and February you will certainly use it to boost your immune system.

Carrots and celery – the perfect winter salad

moehren and humus healthy living

Cabbage and cauliflower

When you think of winter vegetables, cabbage and cauliflower are some of the first associations that come to mind. This can be used to make various salads that are rich in vitamins and fiber. You can use it to make wonderful casseroles. Also, don’t forget the option for delicious warm soups. Be careful, however, as many of the winter vegetable dishes that contain cabbage and cauliflower are too salty. This is by no means good for your health!

Almost all types of winter vegetables can be prepared on a tray

vegetables in winter cauliflower

Eat your fill of potatoes!

Potatoes are a traditional winter vegetable. January and February are the time when you can eat your fill of these tuber vegetables. It would probably be superfluous to stress how diverse the options are for preparing these types of vegetables. There are soups and casseroles with various types of winter vegetables that can be boiled or baked. We would advise against the fried variants. For a change, you can also have sweet potatoes from time to time. They are a particularly healthy alternative.

Kiwi and other green types of winter vegetables

healthy life in winter kiwi avocados

Ginger and other great spices

Winter vegetables and fruits become even healthier when they are combined with suitable spices. Ginger can be used in different forms. You can drink as much tea of ​​it as you want. It will never be too much! You can also season many of the delicious winter dishes with ginger. You can garnish a delicious cake with cinnamon. If you like hot spices and there are no health objections to their consumption in your case, you should enjoy them in large quantities.

Pumpkins and carrots are particularly beneficial for our health in winter

ideas for a healthy life pumpkin and carrot

Exotic vitamin bombs

Do you have a stronger need for sugar and hearty meals? The first problem can easily be solved with the right exotic vegetables. In winter it is very healthy to eat as many bananas, tangerines, oranges and kiwis as possible. You can make delicious fruit salads out of it. For the modern man, all of these types of fruit are indispensable in the cold season. All of the products listed contain lots of vitamins and healthy fiber. Thanks to their wonderful taste properties, we never get tired of them! We strongly recommend oranges, mandarins and clementines as these thrive in Europe and may contain fewer pesticides. But you should still treat yourself to one or the other banana! If you prefer, opt for organic quality.

There are a number of healthy spices for winter

spices live healthy

General tips

Ideally, you should make a list of recipe ideas with these foods that you can prepare with them. The variety that these types of winter vegetables and fruits include guarantees you a good supply of everything you need for your body in the middle of winter! After New Year’s Eve, you should definitely eat more soups in combination with light salads or meals. So you will feel full and at the same time eat healthy winter vegetables and juicy fruits of the season. Thus, you will give your body a rest from excessive consumption during the Christmas season.

Bananas and kiwi – they can be used to make great winter desserts

bananas and kiwi healthy ideas winter fruits

Parsnip – another star among winter vegetables

pastirnak winter vegetables healthy living