do-it-yourself colored decorative projects table surface

Many people know the joy of designing colored PaintChips

Either you are looking for a new design for the wall or you are making a colored collection.

This solution is simple and festive and quite easy to carry out

do-it-yourself colored decorative projects

colored decorative projects do-it-yourself chair blue

Certainly, however, the paint chips are a mandatory element for fans of decorative design

do-it-yourself colored decorative projects garland

For example, you can add a little patriotism by designing it in the national colors, as is the case in the example here. This is Megan’s work, from Positively Splendid. The quilted mosaic configuration is just fabulous in classic white frames.

You can put the colors on the wall in the form of the national symbols

colored decorative projects do-it-yourself wooden table chairs

do-it-yourself colored decorative projects wall strips Wall Art

Justin and Cassity from Remodelaholics have a penchant for the ombre decoration trend. The DIY project is attached to the wall here. Look for a valuable frame at a flea market and design it to suit your taste.

Pretty much any geometric shape will fit in this case, but if I were you I would try the diamond shape

Do-it-yourself colored decorative projects do-it-yourself colored decorative projects picture wall

How often have you bought building blocks in various shapes from antique shops or flea markets??

colored decorative projects do-it-yourself chest of drawers lacquered wood

See the fabulous combination of such pieces in the picture here.

You would achieve more uniformity by combining two or three color plates.

I love the eclectic look of this work.

You can convert a roughly expensive frame into a chic piece with a simple DIY idea.

All you need is a fancy background, frame and pens to write on the glass surface with.

In this case we have a memo board from the designer by Shannon of Burlap & Lace

do-it-yourself colored decorative projects weekly schedule

Such a board can also serve as a calendar

do-it-yourself colored decorative projects colorful notes board

Table decoration

This sunny rainbow table is a creation by Danielle from Mini Moz. Such a piece would light up any modern room. Any find at a flea market can be transformed into the center of your home design with such a work.

A monochromatic color scheme would also work perfectly in this case

do-it-yourself colored decorative projects table surface

As a kid, did you ever make a solar system out of styrofoam balls as a kid. The flower project looks just fabulous in the center of the table. It would create a warm atmosphere during any family dinner and make an adorable hanging decoration.

This DIY project by the Cait from My House, My Canvas gives this childish project a grown-up pizzazz through the floral designs

colored decorative projects do-it-yourself table decorations colored decorative projects do-it-yourself flower pots candles

Chandelier made from medallions

We found this example on Hey Gorg. We have a simple construction of colored swatches here. Together with the metal lampshade, it shows a casual and eye-catching design.

This pink chandelier is a perfect addition to the everyday life of any home

to decorate colored decorative projects for do-it-yourself

Are you going to keep all or some of these pieces in mind? Perhaps new ideas arose in your head as well. In any case, we hope to have contributed to a targeted search aimed at creating beautiful DIY projects.