make quick and easy easter accents yourself

11 easy and quick Easter accents to make yourself

To help you beautify and freshen up your Easter decorations, we’d like to present you with some simple and quick Easter accents that you can easily and effortlessly make, even if you’re not a handyman. The latest craze this year is a festive accent of empty eggshells and flowers or succulents, a little tip that is very spring-like.

Paper butterflies and artificial bird nests would make your table look very festive. A weird jelly bean accent is a perfect idea for the kids’ table, and a sparkling glass bowl full of Easter eggs goes for both tables. A funny spring accent can be made out of large carrots and flowers in a vase, complete the decoration with Easter egg baskets. Take a look at our picture gallery and let yourself be amazed!

Beautiful, fresh bouquet – artificial flowers

quick quick easter accents floral spring decoration

Happy decoration idea decorates the children’s table on the holiday

quick light easter accents cheerful children's table

White, plastic flowerpot – white Easter eggs

quick quick easter accents grass plant pot

Sparkling and shiny glass bowl full of Easter eggs

quick quick easter accents sparkling grass glass bowl easter eggs

Small, cute bird nests – turquoise, yellow and silver Easter eggs placed inside

quick light easter accents grass easter eggs gold plated blue

Egg shells serve as flower vases – white and red tulips – fresh spring decorations

easy quick Easter accents grass tulips red

Unique festive decoration for Easter made of branches and paper butterflies

quick Easter accents lightly simple grass bird's nest

Interesting and playful decoration with carrots – unusual idea

quick light easter accents carrots

Make lots of colorful Easter bunnies out of foam yourself for Easter

light quick easter accents easter bunny foam  quick-easy-easter-accents-make-yourself