Before the times came when you could buy ready-made bread and baked goods anywhere, people had to bake everything themselves. But bread is much more than a daily meal on which the family’s survival depended. Our ancestors knew how to honor nature and its events. You were able to express your gratitude and respect by preparing the bread. Especially at the big festivals like Christmas and Easter, people gave the shape and name of the bread. And since yeast baking rabbits is not just a feast for the palate, we would like to leave a few words on the exciting topic here. In today’s post you will learn how you can make such a yeast rabbit yourself. Stay tuned and have the ingredients ready!

Baking yeast rabbits – a festive meal and an important custom at the same time 

Yeast rabbits bake yeast plaits

Bake yeast bunnies – what’s behind this forgotten custom?

The time between Ash Wednesday and Good Friday was always considered a strict fasting period. During these weeks, food of animal origin has been avoided. You weren’t allowed to celebrate parties, marry or have children. It was not until Easter that all bans were lifted and people celebrated this accordingly.

In addition to the egg – the typical Easter symbol, people baked yeast rabbits, made Easter bread in the shape of suns, slaughtered lambs and of course decorated them with the colored Easter eggs.

Baking bread has always been an important task and a mysterious ritual 

Bake yeast bunnies to make crispy Easter bread

The long waiver and the big celebration at Easter should increase the fertility of people and cattle. The Easter breads and yeast bunnies were filled with nuts and dried fruits and asked for a good farming year and an abundant harvest. Nowadays the Easter Bunny is a guest of honor in every family. We meet him in various forms – often made of chocolate. The following recipe about baking yeast bunnies could bring some variety to your Easter menu and enrich the popular Easter brunch.

The symbolism of the rabbit and that of the egg should always come out at Easter 

Bake yeast bunnies Bake crispy bread

Bake yeast rabbits – this is how baking is guaranteed to be successful

Good bread takes time, so make sure you have half a day before you start making it!

Kneading the dough wants to be learned

Baking yeast bunnies making your own crispy bread preparation cutting

ingredients: 500g flour, 1 cube of yeast, 75 g sugar, 250 ml lukewarm milk or cream, 50g soft butter, 1 egg, 1 egg yolk, 1 tablespoon milk, almond kernels, raisins, eggnog or sugar

Good bread takes time – so take your time if you want to bake good bread 

Yeast bunnies bake your own crispy bread

preparation: First dissolve the yeast and sugar in the lukewarm milk. Then sift the flour and place in a bowl. Make a well in the middle and pour the yeast mixture into the well. Sprinkle some flour on top, cover and let rest for 30 minutes.

First you create the dough with the given ingredients 

Yeast bunnies bake crispy bread yourself, step by step

The mixture should be kneaded well until a smooth dough is formed

Yeast bunnies bake crispy bread yourself instructions stir

Then knead in the egg and butter and create a smooth dough. Now prepare stencils out of paper that represent rabbit ears, pluck, tail and maybe even an Easter basket. Roll out the dough to a thickness of 1.5 cm and carefully cut out the elements with a knife. Carefully remove the rabbit pieces from the work surface with damp hands and place them on a baking sheet lined with baking paper.

The better the dough, the more successful the bread

Yeast bunnies bake crispy bread yourself instructions bread

Think about how many rabbits will be made from the dough and then prepare the template 

Yeast bunnies bake your own crispy bread preparation

Use the nuts and fruits to form eyes and a muzzle. Then brush the rabbit with a mixture of egg yolk and milk. The yeast bunny is baked to 200 degrees and garnished with the icing while still warm. If you like, you can add raisins and nuts to the dough or make the dough hearty. The yeast rabbit tastes particularly good with herb butter with the cold lamb fillet.

The individual elements should be carefully placed on the baking sheet with wet hands 

Yeast bunnies bake crispy bread yourself hasi

There are several ways that lead to a successful rabbit 

Yeast bunnies bake crispy bread yourself Instructions detail

It is possible that the perfectly shaped rabbit doesn’t work the first time 

Yeast bunnies bake crispy bread yourself instructions tips

The Easter braids, which can serve as a starting point for a rabbit, are very typical and traditional 

Yeast bunnies bake crispy bread yourself instructions

A well-kneaded dough can be shaped wonderfully

Yeast bunnies bake crispy bread yourself instructions rabbit ears

The yeast rabbit can only be hinted at 

Yeast bunnies bake dough

Or be formed simply and clearly 

Yeast bunnies bake crispy bread yourself form

Brushing with egg yolk and milk creates a crispy crust when baking 

Bake yeast bunnies make your own crispy bread instructions bake

Start with simpler shapes if you have very little experience with baking bread

Yeast bunnies bake crispy yeast dough

Yeast bunnies bake crispy Easter bread

The symbolism at Easter – why does it make sense to know the customs?

Nobody knows how old the Easter customs are. Every year at Easter, many of us want to turn our back on the stressful everyday life as quickly as possible and enjoy a lot of peace and quiet for a short time. Even if a trip is good for the body and mind, we forget that Easter is much more than just vacation and partying. At Easter this year we have to stay in our own country, but that also has its good points.

The Easter bunnies can be made both sweet and savory 

Yeast bunnies bake crispy bunny with glaze

We finally have the opportunity to pursue the festive traditions, to understand them in order to pass them on at some point. The customs remind us where we come from and where we belong. Especially the traditions around the big festivals like Easter serve as the only connection between us and our ancestors. For this reason, it makes a lot of sense to know the symbolism of the festivals and to pass on customs such as yeast baking rabbits. Keep the traditions alive and pass them on !

Decorating with spring flowers and wild herbs makes the festival even more beautiful 

Yeast bunnies bake crispy spring ideas

The yeast rabbits can also be shaped as individual buns 

Yeast bunnies bake yeast dough

When you bake your first Easter bread, it is easy to be confused by the result 

Yeast bunnies bake crispy with nuessenj

Baking bread is always a lot of fun 

Yeast bunnies bake crispy easter bread easter bunnies yeast

Yeast bunnies bake a crispy Easter table decoration

Yeast bunnies bake crispy sweet bunnies

Yeast bunnies bake crispy

Yeast bunnies bake crispy bread easy

Yeast bunnies bake crispy bread yourself Instructions 2

Yeast bunnies bake your own crispy bread instead of frying it

Yeast bunnies bake crispy bread yourself, make your own Easter brunch

Yeast bunnies bake crispy bread yourself sun

Yeast bunnies bake crispy bread yourself

Yeast bunnies bake crispy bread yourself