Easter egg decorations can look quite artful and elegant. It also allows you to invite spring into your home. Because it works relatively easily with the ideas from this article. All you need are great spring sprigs and artfully hung blown eggshells. Discover our stylish decorating tips and then great step-by-step instructions for a specific project.

Easter eggs can look like works of art

beautiful detail easter eggs decoration

Easter egg decoration in spring colors

At Easter nature wakes up and it looks particularly lively. The atmosphere out there is super optimistic. You would really like to have so much of it in your own house. Design Easter eggs in spring colors and hang them on tree branches, so you will live this season to the fullest.

We recommend brown and green as basic shades, as well as red, pink and other eye-catching colors as accents.

Combine several neutral shades for a colorful yet stylish Easter

big tree with nice easter eggs decoration

Easter eggs and spring flowers

Other great colors for the Easter egg decoration are those of the spring blossoms that appear on fruit tree branches. Pink, purple and yellow are sure to wake up the spring mood in your soul! Combine with gold and other metallic shades for more solemnity. Hang these Easter eggs on tree branches with real flowers for a particularly original effect.

Spring blossoms and Easter egg decorations in the same colors bring the magic of the season into your home

metal pot easter eggs decoration

Simply decorated Easter eggs

The Easter egg decoration does not necessarily have to be colorful and lavish. Restrained solutions such as beige eggs with graphic patterns in brown or black look very modern. They are an option for everyone who wants to make stylish festive decorations at the last minute. We recommend various symbolic representations that reflect the spirit of the festival in a simple form. In the picture below you will discover some great ideas.

The beautiful Easter eggs don’t necessarily have to be colorful

natural colored easter eggs decoration

Halved eggshells

Sometimes blowing out the eggs does not work properly. Unfortunately the shells break. Do not throw them away, but use them cleverly for Easter egg decoration of a different kind. Half egg shells in beautiful colors can be filled with natural materials. You could also put small figures like the funny bird down there. You can find some great ideas under our pictures!

Easter decorations made from half eggshells look very original!

easter eggs decoration half a bowl

Easter egg decoration for the different styles

Decoration with blown out Easter eggs is inscribed in various stylistic concepts. The color of the tree branches can be adjusted because they can be done in different shades. Different nuances and patterns can of course also be used for the bowls. Take a look at the role models and find the best for you and your festive decoration.

In this video tutorial you will learn how to blow out Easter eggs!

Great Easter decorations live from great contrasts

great branches easter eggs decoration

Dark brown twigs and Easter eggs in metallic shine! Such a great combination!

easter eggs decoration gold on brown

You can paint the tree branches in different colors

easter eggs decoration idea in minimalist style

The Easter egg decoration can be done in a vintage style

Easter eggs decoration in a diy vase

Half eggshells as an Easter decoration – it can look so fabulous!

easter eggs decoration great idea with half shells

Easter eggs and tree branches can serve as great table decorationseaster eggs deco great table design

More and more people are relying on minimalism in Easter decorations

rustic design easter eggs decoration

Decoration with blown out Easter eggs is also suitable for handicrafts with children

outdoor area idea easter eggs decoration

Here is our guide!

The following pictures provide instructions for crafting with blown out Easter eggs! It is shown very simply and clearly and is certainly easy to imitate for everyone. We wish you much success. And have a nice Easter!

Here are the materials you need for the following Easter egg decoration instructions!

Easter eggs decoration great materials

Use a glue gun 

Easter eggs decoration applying glue

Attach a textile strip to the eggshell and let it dry well

Glue on Easter eggs decoration textile

Using a needle, bring a suitable thread through the center of the eggshell

Insert the easter egg decoration needle

Tie a knot from one side so that it forms a loop as in the picture

Tie Easter eggs decoration ribbons

Make several Easter eggs using this method

Easter egg decoration hang on a branch

Use textiles in various great colors!

Easter egg decoration great idea

Use it to decorate tree branches or something else!

Easter egg decoration another great perspective

Such Easter decorations come into their own in a modern room

Easter eggs decoration living room design

Happy Easter crafts!

Easter egg decoration hang on a branch