Furnishing examples with a velvety look

Velvet was known in China as early as the 3rd century BC. Around the 7th and 8th centuries people began to export this noble material very actively to the Middle East. It took a few more centuries for velvet to come to Europe.

One thing remained unchanged during this long period – velvet was believed to be a noble fabric. In Europe it is associated with royal splendor.

Velvet is also used in modern interior design ideas. It is too demanding for many concepts and yet many designers resort to it. With velvet, you can achieve an upscale character in your interiors in a fairly simple way.

Today, velvet mainly goes with upscale interior design concepts. But you can also add it to a medium-sized living room if you do the right thing. Take a look at some great ideas on how to do this!

Furnishing examples with which you can pamper your senses 

furnishing examples, including dining chairs

Rich colors complete the effect of the velvet

furnishing exampleswohniedeen deco ideas including4

Filigree elements in gold enhance the effect of the velvet

furnishing exampleswohniedeen deco ideas including color

Advantages and disadvantages of interior ideas with velvet

Like all other fabrics, velvet has its advantages and disadvantages. Before we look at the specific furnishing examples, we would like to name them first. The biggest advantage of the velvet is the way the bold colors appear on it.

Through this fabric you will experience the deep, rich shades in the most fabulous way.

It is no coincidence that we usually associate velvet with turquoise, dark blue and green. Furthermore, this material wins us over with its gentleness and its ability to reflect light.

The velvet curtains look particularly elegant and beautiful. They are opaque, gentle and provide a safe and absolutely delightful way to cut yourself off from the outside world.

Those who like to pamper themselves can indulge in luxury velvet bed linen

furnishing exampleswohniedeen deco ideas including bed linen

A velvet sofa is a sign of extravagance 

furnishing exampleswohniedeen deco ideas including 1

Velvet, purple, baroque and zebra patterns – the luxury is perfect

furnishing exampleswohniedeen deco ideas velvet2

Yes, this beautiful fabric also has certain disadvantages. Velvet, as well as the interior decorating ideas with velvet, are quite expensive. Not everyone can afford the velvet. He is also very demanding. Purely visually and in terms of its charisma, it does not go with any interior design. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t do without it just because you don’t have a luxury ambience.

Unfortunately, that’s not all of its drawbacks. Velvet is a fabric that is very complicated to clean and maintain. So that it doesn’t break, it should always be cleaned by professional companies.

Sleep like a king

examples of furnishing Wohneniedeen deco ideas including bed linen

soft and comfortable

furnishing exampleswohniedeen deco ideas including pillows

There are many different types of velvet

If you cannot imagine your interior in velvet then you may have a limited idea of ​​what it is like. This fabric is available in many different variants. These are different depending on the length and type of fibers.

Each type has its own visual effect and feels different to the touch.

The different types of velvet are used for different purposes

If you want to surround yourself with luxury

furnishing exampleswohniedeen deco ideas velvet blue

Silk velvet

The texture of the silk velvet is very smooth and therefore this fabric has the ability to reflect the light. He looks very interesting. The so-called wet effect is created.

The soft charisma and the transitions in different nuances create a wonderful effect on the furniture. That is why silk velvet is very popular for various interior design ideas that create special comfort.

the classy eye-catcher

furnishing examples for living quarters deco ideas including fancy

Rich in contrast next to the minimal metal reflections

furnishing exampleswohniedeen deco ideas including deck chairs

A feast for the senses

furnishing exampleswohniedeen deco ideas including deco

Velvet wool

Velvet wool is nowhere near as shiny. But this fabric is incredibly soft, or cuddly. What is interesting is the fact that the most beautiful variants of velvet wool are created from angora wool.

This fabric is very shatterproof and for this reason it is well suited as furniture paneling.

Heavy velvet curtains are not only elegant and beautiful, but also provide good protection from light and noise

furnishing exampleswohniedeen deco ideas including dark

The fabric also works very well as a carpet 

furnishing examples housing deco ideas including flooring

Eccentric overload

furnishing exampleswohniedeen deco ideas including curtains

Velvet with patterns

Velvet doesn’t have to be monochrome. Using special techniques, certain areas of the fabric can be thinned. They are completely transparent and can let the light through. That looks very interesting on curtains. In this case you can decide whether you prefer the background or the transparent pattern.

These are just a few of the many possible variations of velvet. You can research for more and pick the best for yourself.

Solid wood table and dining chairs made of velvet  

furnishing exampleswohniedeen deco ideas including interior

Private and secure with the right lighting

furnishing examples Wohneniedeen deco ideas including lux2

Princely sophistication 

examples of interior design, décor ideas including chairs

furnishing exampleswohniedeen deco ideas velvet3

Velvet in correspondence with blue-green

furnishing examples Wohneniedeen deco ideas including lux3

furnishing examples, deen deco ideas including lux

furnishing exampleswohniedeen deco ideas including effects