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The fascinating variety of door handles 

There are probably hardly any people who can associate antique door handles with a hobby. This is an unimaginable passion for those who collect ornamented doorknobs. On every door handle you can read stories about the architecture, the age or the place on which the building is built.

Every passionate collector demands of himself to find out all the details around the door handle. There are methods which, based on the signs of wear and tear and careful examination of the surface of the door handle, will lead to the desired results.

Historical detectives manage to read more details on the door handles

Door handle exceptionally pistolle pompoooos

There is important cultural information in a door handle

Door handles dragon

The example of Walter Gropius and his Bauhaus optimization

Door handles groupius

If it happened to you to notice a nondescript door handle in the dusty corner of an antique shop, you’d just keep walking without thinking about it a second time. A collector would see a little piece of history in it if you were you. More precisely, a good collector can understand the story that the small, remote fragment of architecture whispers to him.

We see precisely worked out forms and valuable material in this magnificent specimen

Door handles made of gold

Handshake or door handle touch – the first impression counts

Door handles hand

At the front door, preferences come into their own

Door handle extraordinarily pistolle

Different countries, different customs – this is where the gecko greets us

Door handles gecko

What is impressive is the fact that experienced collectors can tell the difference between door handles from commercial buildings and those intended for residential buildings. A particularly good example is the Victorian era, when designing a door handle had a special meaning. Architects of the time saw the door handle as an honorific designation of the style in which they constructed the building.

Biblical motifs were preferred in Europe for a while

Door handles tree

Indian elephants receive visitors in Hindu temples

Door handles bronze elephant

A door handle with an image of a lion speaks of an influential personality

Door handle - extraordinary

Heavenly mood in a carefree house

Door handles fenix

There are many doorknobs that have unusual designs or intricate engravings that are difficult to trace back. Houses with luxury apartments, hotels and even banks sometimes adopt some designs for their companies.

The first door handle in colonial times was made of wood. In the war for American independence, houses of influential families were given round door handles.

Bold ornamentation in golden colors on walnut speaks of good taste

Door handles gold

In our age, humorous doorknobs are a common occurrence

Door handles face

Mudras are conceivable for the Buddhist area

Door handles mantra

The transmission of important messages is immortalized in the form of a door handle

Door handles moravischa church

Smart ideas and designs from Asia

Door handles spy

Another curiosity is that by 1876, almost all (95%) of the door handles were imported. The collectors and experts report that between 1830 and 1870 more than 100 patents for door handles were granted.

During the Second World War, many people found a lucrative business in selling brass doorknobs for fusion.

Door knockers carry the spirit of the door handle

Door handle red

According to your own request, a production is safely possible

Door handles heart

Superstitious people prefer power animals or protective symbols on their doors

Door handles jaguar

Playfulness or communication design?

Door handle ball

A door handle in which the form does not interfere with the function

Door handles open door

A symbol of unity 

Ornamented door handles

Monkeys on the doors are pure entertainment 

Door handles silver gold

A ball with a liquefying effect in the plastic cover – a product from our time

Liquefying door handles

Swans have a high value, which the brass increases even more

Door handles bird