Who does not know it: The apartment has only just been completely furnished and yet you have the feeling that it is missing the shine. In order to give your home that certain something again, there are usually only a few hand movements that you can take into account. You don’t have to resort to new furnishings, because small steps usually help to bring the look of the apartment a little bit into shape. We reveal the top 3 of our design tips for lots of extravagance and style:

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A little LED never hurts

Give it a try with coziness … True to this motto, we rely on LED lighting in many different versions. Not only do the standardized fairy lights and LED boxes create a more homely ambience, but LED ceiling highlights are also the big hit this year. The incidence of light is particularly beautiful and, depending on your needs, perfectly stages the entire room or individual corners. LED lights also have a great effect behind pieces of furniture: behind the television, in the sideboard or under the bed, they shine in their full splendor and set detailed highlights. Especially now, when the cold season is coming and winter is just around the corner, it is particularly nice to enjoy atmospheric light with a hot cup of tea on the sofa. Our tip: Use battery-operated lighting designs to avoid unnecessary tangled cables behind the sofa or closet. For even more order, you can also choose LED lights with an adhesive side and save yourself annoying light channels if you only want to set small accents.

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The TV wall mount

A television doesn’t have a foot for free, some would argue. We argue against it, because it cannot be unscrewed for free. A wall bracket for the TV is not only a space-saving gadget, it also really rounds off the apartment in style. We love the minimalist style that will hold up this year – and that includes letting the walls of the apartment shine in full splendor. More is more and that’s why we not only use great murals, but also have our household appliances mounted on the wall. So how about you hang your brand new flat screen TV on the wall and have the perfect view not only from the sofa but also from the dining table? Have we piqued your interest? Then you will learn a few more highlights about the TV bracket: The good piece has quite a few tricks on it and can not only be mounted on the wall, but can also be turned left and right. Pivoting designs that can also be moved up and down are useful in the bedroom. The TV can be attached higher up and still allows a perfect view from the bed.

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The clean and minimalist style

Now that you have received two extremely helpful tips and gadgets from us, the all-round style of the apartment must of course not be lost out of sight. Of course, the above design tips will help you to create a little extravagance. Nevertheless, you should keep in mind that an apartment looks particularly stylish and trendy if it has been furnished according to a certain concept. Stick to a certain color style that you pull through all living rooms – like a red thread. Less is more: Don’t try to put too much furniture next to each other, but make sure you lay out your furniture. Bare walls should not be covered with cupboards or shelves, because there are accessories for that.

If you have taken these three tips to heart, you will feel comfortable again in your own four walls in no time at all. Convince yourself of it!

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