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Guide to buying organic furniture

Organic furniture is not such a clearly established category as is the case with clothing and food. If you say “organic” in this case, it should be understood more colloquially. People use this word to indicate that the product was made with environmentally friendly materials.

So when you say organic furniture, you mean environmentally friendly furniture. However, the selection is not based on any certifications. Rather, it is about keeping some objective criteria in mind when making the selection.

By and large, organic furniture, like other items of this type, is about not polluting the environment and not damaging our health.

Organic furniture from Italy – the comfortable cardboard armchair by Pregia

bio furniture recycling armchair cardboard pregia italy

Organic textiles and environmentally friendly wood

Ideally, the organic furniture is made from natural materials. That could be rattan or wood. Above all, they should be obtained in an environmentally friendly manner. The upholstery can consist of organic textiles.

The paintwork also plays a very important role. They must not be toxic. Organic furniture also excludes cheap labor. So buy organic when the products are made with valuable materials and by people who work with dignity.

Or you can opt for organic furniture from designers like these armchairs here from Paul Borrero

bio furniture chairs una Paul Borrero cardboard


The mattresses that make up a part of beds or other pieces of furniture should be organic. There are clear criteria for this. They’re made from 95% organic matter and maybe a little bit of foam. The latter must ideally be made of latex and also organic.

This applies to all upholstery and furniture in which it is used.

You will find elegant solutions at Mazzali

bio furniture bed design bedroom mazzali

Japanese mattresses

The Japanese mattresses are the cheaper alternative to the organic mattresses. They are an economical solution if you cannot afford the more expensive option. However, Japanese mattresses are not healthy for everyone. If you have any health problems, you should seek advice from your doctor before making such a purchase.

Far Eastern flair 

bio furniture bedroom eco furniture japanese design furnitusa

Recycled furniture

There are many ways to protect the environment and yourself. A lot of furniture has already been produced. That’s for sure. Whether we choose organic furniture or not, there is a lot of unsustainably produced furniture on offer. Nothing about that will change for a long time. By reusing the old furniture, you are making an environmentally friendly decision. Just make sure you renew these with organic materials.

Charming organic furniture with a vintage look at

bio furniture dining table diy wood planks


Environmentally friendly and organic furniture is not certified. However, if you put in enough effort to find out if they are made from organic materials, then it is very possible to have them at home.

Sleep like in a fairy tale in such a magnificent four-poster bed – you can find it at

bio furniture bed four-poster bed bedroom smarthome

Natural living room furniture made of solid wood

bio furniture bed natural wood coffee table stool seat cushion poufs

The elegant One C chair by Johan Berhin

bio furniture ergonomic chair one c johan berhin

Cute fair trade stools at Myakka Ltd.

organic furniture fair trade stool wood leather myakka ltd

Recycled wood and concrete can be perfectly combined

bio furniture stool concrete wood

Ergonomic deck chair with ottoman from

bio furniture wood deck chair ottoman

Mazzali surprises again with wonderful, colorful eco furniture for the children’s room

eco furniture children's room children's furniture mazzali

Just as charming and ergonomic – the Portuguese furniture design from DAM

organic furniture children's room furniture DAM

A sustainable cardboard bed – you can find it at

bio furniture children's room cardboard box bed homedit

You should pay particular attention to fair trade when it comes to rattan furniture

organic furniture kitchen dining table rattan chairs fair environmentally friendly

If you need such an antique chest of drawers, take a look at

bio furniture eco wooden chest of drawers

Children’s room furniture in particular should always be close to nature and comfortable

bio furniture children's room children's furniture chairs tables shelves

Sustainable furniture for the baby room from Oeuf NYC

bio furniture bed chair baby room oeuf NYC

Lightness and sustainability from SBdesigners

eco furniture eco furniture wood shelves sbdesigners

Another eco creation from Pregia, Italy

bio furniture paper armchair pregia italy

The sweet sideboard made of cork by Iannone Design

bio furniture sideboard cork eco furniture iannone design

The original side table by Greg Klassen

bio furniture river table coffee table greg klassen

Bamboo is an excellent choice for your organic furniture

bio furniture bedroom bamboo bed eco sustainable

The elegant Aladino Mazzali double bed

eco furniture bedroom furnishings aladino mazzali bed

A nifty find for your bedroom on

bio furniture bedroom furniture eco furnitusa

A lot can be done with driftwood

bio furniture desk dresser driftwood glass

Of course, plywood is also a very good choice

organic furniture plywood side table console

Simple elegance from Myakka – naturally also fairly traded

organic furniture trio side tables fair trade myakka

eco furniture eco-friendly side tables bedside table sofa myakka

 We discovered this creative bench at

bio furniture upcycling furniture design wood vallendecor

And you can make such a chic sofa out of the old bathtub

bio furniture upcycling sofa old bathtub

Authentic shabby chic look via Line Kay Vintage pics

bio furniture living room furnishings old furniture antique coffee table