He has made it from an ancient relic from bygone times to a charming and quite trendy piece of furniture – the chest table. In the past, a wooden chest tended to be in a dark corner, in the basement or in the attic and was only used to store items and clothes. Today it is officially the focus of room furnishings and impresses with its striking appearance and unmistakable design. Often the noble pieces are made of solid real wood – beech, oak, fir wood or the popular sheesham wood. They have a finer or coarser grain and in most cases have metal hinges and handles. Some chest tables also have metal fittings on the edges or even heavy padlocks, which make these pieces of furniture look even more authentic.

A chest table gives the ambience a special charm

nostalgic chest table made of wood

You can bequeath a fancy chest table, discover it at the flea market or buy one from a specialist store from scratch. Depending on the size, texture and model, the chests differ from one another and can therefore be integrated into any style. They can play the role of a cozy coffee table in the living room, serve as a cute bedside table or even in the hallway as a chest of drawers for a trendy eye-catcher.

Often a chest table is provided with additional feet and thus presented in an even more original way. The so-called hairpin feet made of metal, which turn every piece of furniture into a must-have, have been very popular for some time.

Hairpin chest table as a trendy eye-catcher in the living room

upcycling idea old suitcase chest table

Of course, there is also a wide range of chests made of metal. These look particularly chic in an industrial style home interior and score points with a rust look or different lettering on them. They are also suitable as practical side tables, additional storage space or even as unconventional stools, depending on your personal preferences and specific needs.

Chest tables made of metal with deliberate signs of wear

metal chest table industry style

Nostalgic vintage furnishing ideas with a chest table

One of the most popular styles for which chest tables are made is vintage. Here used and antique items are a fundamental priority. They provide the necessary portion of authenticity and a gentle, nostalgic note. A chest table not only looks great in a natural look, but also painted in a matching color. Pastel tones, dark blue or muted colors are among the most suitable for this. Retro suitcases with leather strap holders also look stunning as chest, bedside or side tables. They create a special kind of decadence and romance around themselves through their previous travel function and casual used look.

Add a few balancing color accents here and there for more visual harmony in the room

decorative chest table in light blue

Of course, a little more color and playful patterns also go with it

boho style living room with chest table

You can even stack two suitcases on top of each other to create an even more comfortable chest table

bedside table bedroom chest table

Integrate the chest table into the colonial style

This sublime living style can also be perfectly combined with the chest table. No colorful specimens are used here, but rather solid wooden chests that are darkly stained and varnished and even decorated with artistic carvings. Even old textile suitcases with leather edges come into their own in this case and go perfectly with a Chesterfield leather sofa and a floor lamp in mid-century style.

This colonial living room looks adventurous and nostalgic at the same time

colonial style living room with chest table

The chest table with reflective fronts looks a bit more modern

coffee table chest table modern living room furniture

And so a more masculine, medieval note is introduced

antique chest table leather sofa

Lighter colors and gold accents, on the other hand, look cheerful and feminine

elegant chest in white gold

The chest table in shabby chic and rustic style

Lovers of these styles of living are also always happy to enjoy a chest table. Made of metal or solid wood, with or without color, everything is allowed here. What matters is what you like. You can paint the metal suitcase table in white in a very elegant and purist way and use sandpaper to make the corners a little out of date. White porcelain vases and cups as well as a nice tea or coffee pot in light selandon green and with plenty of fresh flowers go well with it. Simply fantastic!

Traces of use make the luggage table look even more charming

shabby chic living room with chest table

A rustic chest table on an ethnic rug looks no less tasteful. Colorful ceramics and fur blankets on leather sofas are ideal additions to such a refined room decor. If the floor is covered with wooden planks, then the overall picture is really complete. To give your ambience an extra Mediterranean touch, you can place an oval planter made of clay and plant aloe vera or another southern houseplant in it.

Create a homely, rustic atmosphere full of Mediterranean flair

original chest table in rustic style

Take a look at the remaining furnishing ideas with a chest table from our picture gallery and let them inspire you. Have fun furnishing and living!

Chest tables also cut a fine figure with eclectic home furnishings

eclectic living room furnishings with chest table

old suitcase chest table as a coffee table

classic living room with leather sofa and chest table

old suitcase painted in white, chest table      diy chest table vintage living room furnishings  elegant living room in cream with chest table

Gothic living room furnishings with a chest table

large living room open plan with chest table

wonderful living room furnishings with chest table

coffee table chest table elegant living room furniture  classic chest table made of leather

Furnish a small apartment with a chest table

solid wood, chest-like, classic

fur rug rustic style chest table

puristic living room with antique chest table

retro living room with chest table

rustic chic living room with chest table

rustic chest table living room with fireplace

safari style living room with chest table

chic industrial style chest table

Scandinavian living room furniture with a low table and gray sofa

scandinavian style living room with white chest table

mirror table chest table for the living room

table basse coffre studio industriel

low table as a side table in the living room dining room

Make a chest out of an old suitcase yourself

Chest table made of wood and leather with plenty of storage space

Metal low table combined with leather sofa

Chest table made of metal with rust effect

low pile carpet living room

chest table in the classic living room

chest table retro from old suitcase

stylish living room furnishings

chest table and leather sofa in colonial style

vintage chest table in the hallway

vintage living room furniture with chest table

brick wall with sloping chest table