Do you always want to be well informed and up to date with the latest in room design? Then you’ve come to the right place. Because we constantly strive to present you the latest trends in modern house design. After we showed you in another article what will most certainly be OUT of the interior in autumn 2017, today we want to continue our overview of the latest trends in colors and textures in the ambience. Are you planning to remodel your home next fall? Do you want to give your room design that certain something that makes your own four walls look fashionable and stylish? We’ll show you what’s IN in the interior from autumn 2017. Just read on and let yourself be inspired by the latest trends in living and decorating for your home remodeling!

What must go and what is IN?

colors for the coming autumn dark green wall paint and lots of plants

Dark green and other dark shades conquer the interior in autumn

The green leaves outside show their colors in autumn and warm tones from orange to chocolate brown are increasingly common. The autumnal color palette also comes into room design. Dark green will be the favorite color of designers and interior designers from this autumn.

It will bring a lot of charm and a sublime look into kitchen design, where kitchen cabinets and worktops in emerald green stand out. You can masterfully combine any dark green shade with natural wood and leather. Put a few accents here and there in the room with brass and round off the cutting-edge look. Or would you like the contrasts between dark green and creamy white better? It is important that this warm and striking color is present in your four walls in autumn and winter.

Dark green will be cutting edge from autumn 2017

colors in interior design kitchen with dark green kitchen cabinets

White and gray are now OUT!

colors black wall paint in the dining room

 Black will be the color of the year 2018

colors black walls and white furniture in the dining area

Forget the farmhouse-style rooms that are all white or gray! In the coming fall season, everything in the interior will be more dramatic! Dark shades bring this flair with them. Now we have to rediscover the undisputed charm of the black color. Speaking of which, some black shades will be cutting edge in 2018, including Black Flame (PPG 1043-7), Deep Onyx (00NN 07/000) and Black Magic (OL116) from the Olympic Paints color palette & Stains.

Chocolate brown in room design is becoming more and more popular

furnishing ideas for the living room for autumn chocolate brown throw pillows

But maybe you are not ready to make your interior completely dark? Another deep color is currently available from September; it is now celebrating its big comeback in room design – chocolate brown! Introduce this warm shade into your interior and this would be the best way to add some luxury, especially in the fall! Exchange your patterned and colored decorative pillows and throw new ones on the sofa or bed, namely in chocolate brown!

Colorful and eye-catching bed linen refreshes the bedroom

The plain white sheets are finally OUT! In the coming season, try something new that exudes cosiness. The bedding experts advise that we could combine several patterns and even decorate the sheets with interesting monograms. Over time, the colorful and eye-catching monogram bed linen will become increasingly popular. Plus, custom, padded headboards are statement pieces in the bedroom. These are making their big comeback in the modern bedroom.

Colorful and finely patterned bed linen is the big hit in autumn!

colors and patterns for modern bed linen

 Skilfully designed headboards are eye-catching and IN again!

furnishing ideas for bedrooms with an elegant headboard

Which textures are IN again in autumn?

Soft velvet upholstery for your furniture!

colors for the coming autumn including for the throw pillows

From autumn, velvet must be your first choice among the current fabrics. What could be softer and more soothing than velvet? The fabric feels luxurious, but is very inviting in autumn and winter. And when you combine velvet with rough natural textures, for example paired with reclaimed wood and wicker baskets, with smooth metals and ceramics, the soft fabric adds even more visual interest and tactile comfort to a room. But if you didn’t have the budget for an upholstered velvet chair or plush sofa, you could get some velvet pillows. These decorative elements are a necessity in the interior in autumn and winter, as we spend a long time at home in the cold months and want to surround ourselves with beautiful and comfortable things so that we feel relaxed and comfortable.

 Braided baskets are what you want in the interior

colors in the modern living room trends with woven accessories

Woven fabrics will be very trendy in house design next fall. Our advice is: Don’t underestimate the strong visual impact of woven textiles and the great accents they add to a room. Visually, they radiate a lot of warmth, which seems particularly important in the cold months. Do you want to have a real eye-catcher in your room? Then hang wicker baskets on the wall! Hand-woven baskets are used in different rooms. They are made from natural willow and serve as real eye-catchers in the interior. Basket planters make yours Houseplants even more attractive, braided hanging lamps immediately attract everyone’s attention.

 Hand-woven room accessories will be very popular this autumn

colors in the interior design for the coming autumn braided accessories decorate the walls

These are the latest trends in room design, which affect colors and textures. Which trend particularly appeals to you??

furnishing ideas for the dining room beautiful hanging lamp made of rattan

furnishing ideas for the living room woven accessories in vintage style

furnishing ideas trendy wall paint for the dining room dramatic black walls

color decoration ideas with braided accessories

colors trends for the coming autumn black and dark green