It’s an exciting time when your little one starts crawling and goes on discovery tours through rooms and corridors. For you, however, this also means twice as much attention and alertness. Because the little ones are already relatively fast, but still have poorly developed motor skills and cannot see as optimally as adults. It is high time you made your household childproof by taking all the necessary security precautions in your own four walls. Below you can read where the greatest dangers for babies and toddlers are hiding and how you can prevent them.

Modern apartments or houses, as nice and cozy as they are, hide a lot of dangers for little adventurers that we adults often cannot notice immediately. For this it is definitely worth it practical tips in this regard and implement them in your own home. It also helps to carefully explore every room and corner from a child’s perspective. The best thing to do is to get on all fours at least mentally and put yourself in the state of a crawling or already running child. There you will surely find a lot of hurdles and risks of injury that you would otherwise not have noticed.

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Sockets, cables and co "defuse"

One of the most important protective devices that you should definitely put in place in all rooms is the socket protection. There are already different versions for this, both for the sockets and for power distributors of all kinds. A very good and inexpensive solution are special inserts that can simply be glued into the socket. Adults have no problem plugging in the plug by twisting or pushing it. However, small children and babies cannot do this, which means they are well protected from dangerous electric shocks. Devices that you use briefly, such as hair dryers and vacuum cleaners, should be safely stowed away immediately after use. This also applies to all possible chargers for laptops and cell phones. You should also keep cables secure. Hide any cables hanging or lying on the floor, or secure them with special clips or glue. In general, keep electrical devices out of the reach of the little ones and pull them out of the socket.

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Equip the kitchen suitable for children

In the kitchen, the highest level of alert is usually in effect. The room is least suitable for babies and toddlers, but they are often frequented by them. There is a lot to discover and it often smells so delicious. It is hardly possible to deny the children access to the kitchen. It is much more practical to equip them with different protective devices. In addition to socket protection, a stove guard is particularly indispensable here. This prevents possible injury to the little ones when trying to reach up. It is also advisable to only use these hotplates that are located on the inner side of the cooker. A child safety device with locking bars for the fridge and freezer as well as the dishwasher and washing machine is also essential, as is securing the lower drawers and cupboards. You will find different versions for this in stores, there are even those that work with magnets.

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Take a close look at all the furniture

Unfortunately, a lot of furniture often poses a potential risk of injury to small children. These can tip over or the child can injure themselves on sharp corners and edges. To prevent such a thing, you should use edge protection. This is usually made of synthetic foam or silicone and can be easily attached to furniture edges. This makes running and romping around at home a lot safer. You should definitely secure taller pieces of furniture such as shelves, chests of drawers or cupboards with an anti-tip device. Furniture is usually fastened to the wall with screws so that it cannot tip over on the child if it is pushed or pulled up.

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Make doors and windows child-proof

Furthermore, it is extremely important to equip windows that the child can already reach with child safety devices or special locks. It is best to remove all furniture that is in front of windows so that the little ones cannot climb on it and get up even more easily. It is better to equip large windows, glass doors and other glass surfaces with anti-shatter film and colorful stickers. This means that these are easily visible to small children and do not pose a major risk from broken fragments if they break. To ensure that little fingers are safe from being crushed, it is advisable to equip all doors with suitable door stoppers or finger protection devices. These are also available as funny animal figures or in inconspicuous colors.

Prevent any risk of poisoning

Cleaning products, cosmetics, medicines, make-up, alcohol, cigarette butts, garbage cans, poisonous houseplants – all dangerous substances for a baby or toddler. These products usually have a colorful look, smell good and are very tempting. Unfortunately, they can cause acute poisoning and therefore must not get into the hands of children. Therefore, always keep such products in higher cupboards or lock them each time after use. In urgent cases one of the numerous will help you Poison Control Centers in Germany.

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Don’t forget the stairs and the garden

Stair guards are an absolute must in a household on more than one level when there are small children. These are usually mounted on the wall at the top of the stairs and are great fall protection. If you have a garden, don’t forget it either, as children love to play outdoors. Potential dangers in this area are pools, garden ponds and rain barrels. They should all be well secured with a special cover or fence. There are even special devices with pool alarms that are mounted directly on the pool, which can serve as additional protection. Nevertheless, never let small children play unsupervised in the garden, because there could be other dangers lurking, such as poisonous plants or forgotten garden utensils, for example.

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And some extra tips to make the household child-safe:

  • Prefer changing table without edges and with frame;
  • Sufficiently secure baby cots;
  • Mobile phones, music boxes and duvets and cuddly toys that are too soft have no place in babies when they are asleep;
  • A playpen is very helpful if you have to be out of the room for a few minutes or if you have pets and do not want to leave them unattended with the children;
  • mobile grilles that you can place in specific areas of your home, e.g. B. in front of the fireplace, are very practical;
  • Always store sharp objects safely, place them on higher shelves or lock them in cupboards;
  • Prevent the risk of slipping, especially in the bathroom, with non-slip mats – don’t forget the bathtub.

Let our experienced living experts advise you and transform your home into a safe place where your children can romp, crawl and crawl in peace.

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