If you’ve ever seen the beautiful beaches and rocky coast of Amalfi, or toured the ancient ruins of Rome, you already know the magic of Italy. At least a small part of it. You’ve probably wondered how you could take some of this old, romantic world home with you and introduce some Italian flair into your own interior. Do you want to bring a pleasant holiday feeling into your own home? If you are indeed a passionate lover of the Italian way of life and culture, then you’ve come to the right place. This article is about living in the Mediterranean and enjoying a strong touch of the south in everyday life. You will soon find out which means can be used to achieve this within your own four walls. We present tried and tested tips on how you can introduce the special atmosphere of Italy into your interior and enjoy it all year round.

 “Moditerran” is the new furnishing style for people who love Italian culture.

Modern Mediterranean living

  • Living modern and Mediterranean at the same time? Is that possible?

Thousands of the numerous visitors to Italy are just as fascinated as you by the beautiful nature and rich culture of this southern European country. They are deeply impressed by the way of life and home furnishings of the Italians and by their art of pairing the old with the new.

There is even talk of a new style coming straight from the peninsula. Have you already heard the term “Mediterranean”? This was created with a mix of modern and Mediterranean. We make everything easier for you and reveal the latest formula in fashion and design that has already taken shape. It reads: modern + Mediterranean is Italian! Living in the Mediterranean means introducing a touch of the south into your own house and keeping it there for a long time. But is it even possible to combine modern elements with the Mediterranean furnishing style? Yes, it is entirely possible and we will show you how to do it.

If you like the Italian culture and way of life in southern Europe, then you could introduce Mediterranean flair into your home.

Mediterranean living beautiful living room

  • Elements of centuries-old home decor and craftsmanship characterize the modern interior

In Italy you can look back on a centuries-old cultural tradition in living and furnishing. Craftsmanship is particularly popular there and elements of it are incorporated into modern interior design. Often times they express the artists ‘and homeowners’ love for the Mediterranean. Living in the Mediterranean now means designing a chic interior with a rustic, antiquated feel and modern flair. For example, arched window frames and rustic furniture are among the absolute must-haves of the new Mediterranean style. Earthy tones and natural textures are preferred. For this reason, one often encounters stucco, stone and wood everywhere in the interior. Clear lines, rustic lights and black painted window frames and doors result in the perfect mix for Mediterranean living in a modern way. These important elements are complemented by wonderful ironwork and antique room accessories. They give every room a southern flair, so that you feel like you are on vacation in your own home.

 Mediterranean living culture meets modern chic.

Mediterranean living cozy living room in white

 Rustic elements in the interior are retained.

Mediterranean living bedrooms

Think how your modern interior will change if you had a brick or stone fireplace in the living room. An exposed stone back wall in the kitchen will be the undisputed eye-catcher that exudes southern flair. Such Mediterranean-style details bring any ambience to a new level and make your home something special. Where to enjoy life!

The open floor plan is cutting-edge, but the brick wall is the absolute eye-catcher in this living room plus kitchen.

Mediterranean living open floor plan Eye-catching Persian carpet brick wall

Hopefully you enjoyed our tips for modern and Mediterranean living. Last but not least, we just want to give you a little hint: Don’t forget that the various southern countries have differences and their own rural characteristics. Today’s contribution is only aimed at the Italian style and shows the essentials of modern and Mediterranean living in the most concise form. If you are as in love with the Mediterranean aesthetics as we are, then read more articles about it on our website.

Lots of sun, blue skies and enchanting panoramic views – that’s Italy!

Simply rustic, Mediterranean, beautiful panoramic view, lots of sun, blue sky, Italy

Antique room accessories emphasize the modern design.

Modern room design white antique room accessories Mediterranean flair

The old wooden table inscribes itself perfectly in this modern interior.

Mediterranean living modern interior rustic wooden table and wooden chairs

 Black window and door frames, arched wall niches all in white are typical Mediterranean elements that can be seen everywhere in Italy.

Mediterranean modern black door frame arched wall niche typical Mediterranean elements

Living in the Mediterranean means having a cozy home.

Mediterranean living set up a cozy home

Clean lines and natural textures also dominate in the bathroom …

Mediterranean living in the bathroom

 It is always done in earthy colors.

Mediterranean bath earthy colors natural textures wall mosaic tiles

The beautiful mosaics are the great passion of the Italians, which is why you can see them even on the smallest of surfaces.

Mosaic tiles in the stairwell very appealing Mediterranean

Modernity and rustic room accessories go hand in hand and express Mediterranean flair.

Open modern living room kitchen rustic elements emphasize modernity

Living Mediterranean on the veranda – the living room is moved outside so that you can fully enjoy the beautiful Italian weather.

Living Mediterranean on the veranda