Coziness and serenity, but also down-to-earthness and new momentum – these are the most important values ​​that most of us want in the new year. In uncertain times like these, the longing for reliability and security increases. And the ultimate retreat is very often found in your own home. Where you can really relax and pause. This makes it all the more important to have a suitable facility that creates a feel-good atmosphere and a harmonious atmosphere. If you are currently in the process of introducing more comfort and positive energy into your own walls, the latest home trends 2021 can provide you with the necessary dose of home inspiration. Depending on your own life situation and personal preferences, you can then implement this in an individual way.

More well-being and harmony with the latest home trends 2021

floral wallpapers living trends 2021

Earth tones and natural materials

Natural living has been a popular living trend for some time. This year this tendency will be noticeably strengthened. Neutral and earthy tones continue to set the tone in the interior and serve as a calming color backdrop. Cream, sand and terracotta together with light wood, stone and ceramics ensure more security and a rustic, down-to-earth attitude.

Optics and haptics harmonize perfectly here and transform the ambience into a real oasis of well-being. A successful mix of materials as well as a few splashes of color freshen up the whole thing and bring the longed-for energy swing.

Basket, sisal and raffia are among the most popular natural materials for furnishing

living trends 2021 neutral colors natural materials

Sustainability comes first

Sustainable thinking and acting cannot be separated from furnishing and living. Which furniture you buy and what kind of home textiles and home accessories you prefer makes a big difference, not only for your own well-being, but also for the environment. Sustainability and fairness are clearly part of the living trends in 2021. Upcycling and high-quality fabrics made from recycled materials such as plastic or scraps of wood are very popular and are becoming increasingly popular.

Sustainable furniture and home accessories also look pretty cool

living trends 2021 recycled materials bedrooms

Japandi is the new hygge

This remarkable combination of Scandinavian and Japanese living was quite popular last year. The puristic serenity and clarity of the two living cultures are strengthened a lot in Japandi and at the same time mutually enriched. The simplicity of the far north kisses the deep mysticism of the far east and conjures up an incomparable living atmosphere that can be used for optimal regeneration and meditative lingering. Comfortable velvet armchairs stand next to simple wicker chests of drawers. A teak table offers space for the filigree teapot made of fine ceramic. Japandi looks somehow familiar and yet so mysterious, the perfect living combination if you are wanderlust or for a successful change of scenery at home.

Japandi remains current this year as well

living trends 2021 japandi style of living in the living room

Vintage charm

This style of living is without a doubt a timeless classic. Also this year it will accompany us and offer a touch of calming nostalgia and deceleration. Vintage furniture has it all. They immediately become clear eye-catchers in the room and exude their unique, authentic energy around them. In order not to make your home look like an antique shop or museum, don’t overdo it with the vintage charm. Because too much of a good thing is out of place here. Rather, rely on only a few, selected elements, such as a large suitcase as a coffee table or an effective floor lamp made of sturdy metal.

Less is often more!

living trends 2021 vintage charm

Cord is back

But don’t think of the old-fashioned corduroy bell-bottoms from the 70s. The velvety fabric with filigree grooves can now be found on upholstered furniture. Round sofas, curved upholstered armchairs, poufs and ottomans are made of supple corduroy and offer a special kind of homely comfort. In neutral or powdery colors, the classic fabric looks particularly good and transforms every room into an elegant, cozy place to feel good.

Soft curves radiate natural calm

living trends 2021 coffee table made of colored glass

The handmade look

In particular, home accessories and tableware in a handmade look are indispensable in the home trends in 2021. Quaintness and authenticity are increasingly valued. Many of us now have more time to pursue hobbies such as pottery and even make vases, bowls and mugs from clay or cold porcelain ourselves. The trend will certainly continue to accompany us for a long time and will convince us of its natural charm.

Neutral and earthy colors go particularly well with the handmade look

living trends 2021 handmade look tableware

Colorful glass brings retro vibes

Retro fans will get their money’s worth again this year, because the chic stained glass is back. And very big. Bubble-shaped hanging lamps, bulbous vases, tall glasses and small containers made of colored glass in all possible colors conquer our living space and give it that certain something. Luckily, lightness and joie de vivre combined with the unmistakable retro chic will accompany us again.

Green leaves and delicate flowers add an extra dose of freshness

living trends 2021 colored glass

Terrazzo is making its comeback

Terrazzo was ubiquitous as early as the ancient Romans and was used as flooring in thermal baths and palaces. Nowadays, its multi-faceted look, reminiscent of confetti, is highly valued again. Terrazzo can not only be seen on floors, it also cuts a fine figure as a wall design. You can even enjoy home accessories and dishes as well as other furnishing elements in your own home.

Combined with white and dark wood, terrazzo looks even more elegant

terrazzo living trends 2021 furnishing bathrooms

Urban jungle is still trendy

Urban life increasingly needs a return to nature. Botanical patterns on wallpaper and textiles as well as especially houseplants are some of the ways to do this. The latter can not only be felt visually, but also with all of the senses. They introduce real life into our premises, clean the room air and provide it with the necessary moisture. This year hanging plants are one of the clear living trends in 2021. They bring a natural swing and more structure to the room.

Palm leaves and monstera are among the most popular botanical patterns

living trends 2021 botanical patterns indoor plants

Welcome the New Year and arrange your own home according to your personal needs, depending on your lifestyle and possibilities. Let yourself be inspired by the latest living trends in 2021 and implement them as you wish. Don’t overdo it and don’t forget: whatever is allowed is allowed!

Create a homely, inviting living environment

living trends 2021 neutral colors living room

The Japandi living style has a meditative and harmonizing effect

japandi living style living trends 2021

japandi living trends 2021

As a real classic, marble remains just as up-to-date

marble floor tiles living trends 2021

living trends 2021 wall design marble look

Integrate the Pantone colors of the year into your own interior

living trends 2021 gray and yellow as Pantone colors of the year

living trends 2021 wall color gray

living trends 2021 pantone color of the year      living trends 2021 pendant lights made of colored glass

living trends 2021 furnishing the kitchen dark fronts

living trends 2021 nature trend wood stone

living trends 2021 natural materials and sustainability