This is about your individual built-in wardrobe 

Apartments in old buildings have a really extraordinary charm that unfortunately suddenly disappears when it comes to furnishing. Especially in an attic, the sloping ceilings can be very annoying for the installation of standard furniture. Even if you manage to move your old furniture into your new apartment in an old building, it may actually take up a lot more space and may even be a bit bulky. Many people come to terms with the situation and the dissatisfaction, others diligently search for solutions to problems, which in many cases are the more expensive but the better decision.

With a built-in wardrobe, you gain or save space

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It is precisely on these topics that we would like to go deeper in today’s post and give our readers a clear overview of how they can most easily come to intelligent cabinet solutions.

What do you think of cupboards and shelves that have been designed for optimal use of space and adapted to your personal needs?

With built-in wardrobes specially designed for you, you can achieve maximum benefit with minimal effort and space. Even if you do not live in an attic and do not need an attic cupboard, you can only benefit from gaining or saving more space in your apartment. That would then be a matter of your own opinion. We have found a craftsmen’s cooperation for you, which is based on  Made-to-measure built-in wardrobes specialized.

Corner solutions with individual aesthetics 

built-in closet furnishing accessories

The carpenters of the company “Auf und Zu” have set themselves the goal of stowing your belongings in the smartest possible way. You can make the most of your home and elegantly combine functionality with aesthetics. The made-to-measure furniture can of course only be individual pieces and yet one is not talking about design here, which is noticeable from the price calculation.

No design can be possible without planning and spatial analysis 

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The talent to turn the problem into something special 

built-in closet furnishing accessories

Even every tricky case can be solved well with imagination and planning

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If you have been dreaming of a creator of order in your beloved home for a long time, we will be happy to point you to the website where you can get professional and individual advice. The offer from the friendly Swiss manufactory will win you over with fresh and space-saving ideas. The lovingly designed website provides a clear overview of the choice of materials and the range of products offered by the Swiss manufacturer and reveals the secret of how problematic areas in a house or apartment can become attractive features. We leave you in the best hands of the professionals, where you will receive, among other things, a non-binding cost estimate for your matter free of charge.

The reflection through the acrylic glass visually enlarges the room 

built-in closet furnishing examples

A small preview of the joinery 

Let the professionals design your organizer 

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A walk-in closet is the dream of many homeowners! 

built-in closet furnishing accessories

Sloping ceilings can no longer be an obstacle 

built-in closet furnishing accessories