In addition to walls, the floor also takes on an important part of the whole room look. Because the right floor covering ensures a good living climate and, as a result, a nice feeling of living. That is why floor coverings should be carefully selected. But the wide variety of materials and designs makes choosing flooring a difficult task. Do you want parquet, vinyl, laminate or cork? Or maybe something else? Today we are drawing your attention to the planks. Do you want to participate?

Comfortable flooring and a fireplace make the living room an oasis of wellbeing

Country house floorboards make living room cozy

What are the properties of country house planks (also called multi-layer prefinished parquet)?

Planks are made of solid wood. So you bring a natural flair into the house. The planks are wide and long wooden planks made of several layers of wood: a wear layer at least 2.5 mm thick as the surface and two to three further layers of wood underneath.

These wooden planks come in different designs. These can be made of different types of wood, knotty or smooth, two or three layers. Their surface can be oiled, sealed or waxed. The multilayered planks make them dimensionally stable and easy to lay.

Choosing the right flooring in the modern living area

country house floorboards living room bright interior

Cozy living area with rustic accents

country house floorboards cozy living room bright colors

Planks offer the typical plus points of a wooden floor. What other characteristics do they have? Here you are:

  • moisture regulating and breathable
  • easy-care
  • durable
  • less dust collects on their surface

In which rooms is the multi-layer prefabricated parquet used?

Planks can be used in any room. These can also be laid in rooms where there is underfloor heating. However, if wooden floorboards are laid in damp rooms such as the bathroom, they should be painted. In this case, three-layer planks are used.

Like the wooden floorboards in general, the multi-layered prefabricated parquet has an authentic look and makes a cozy atmosphere possible. With the help of plank flooring, a different feeling of living can be achieved. Rustic or Scandinavian looks are easily achieved, even a flair from the south can be brought into the ambience through the multilayered parquet.

A wooden floor gives the modern living area more individuality and charm

Country house floorboards living room flooring ideas

So take your time to choose the most suitable multi-layer prefinished parquet! Water should be removed from the wooden floorboards immediately and no aggressive agents should be used to clean them. So you can enjoy this practical flooring for longer. You can treat oiled or waxed wooden floors with the respective wooden floor cleaners and there are special polishes for lacquered wooden floors. Also watch out for humidity and room temperature! Humidity between 50% and 60% and room temperature between 18 and 20 ° are ideal.

If you want a healthy and homely atmosphere at home, choose plank flooring for your floor. This multi-layer prefinished parquet is elegant and robust at the same time and looks natural and modern at the same time. Made of oak, spruce or cherry, this plank floor gives your home more cosiness and charm.

Consider wooden flooring in the bedroom

wooden floor children's room rustic cozy

Design a bedroom to feel good

wooden floor bedroom neutral wall color stylish bed

Select the right color shade for the plank floor

wooden floor living room flooring beautiful fabric samples

Set up a cozy home with wooden floorboards

wooden floor living room furnishing ideas brown leather sofa light carpet

A country-style living room cannot do without a wooden floor!

wooden floor living room furnishing country style sloping ceilings

A stylish idea for the floor design in the living room

wooden floor living room furnishing stylish flooring vintage carpet

Wooden floor and stone wall – a perfect combination for more well-being at home

wooden floor living room leather sofas light walls

Design the small dining area with natural materials

Country house flooring ideas recreation area breakfast area

Floorboards in light color nuances make the room appear larger

country house floorboards bright, spacious ambience

country house floorboards kitchen kitchen design country style

country house floorboards kitchen more comfort white kitchen cabinets kitchen island

Country house floorboards living room dark bright interior

country house floorboards living room fresh flair elegant look

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