great drawer stairs idea

Storage space in the stairs! How does it work?

We have written many articles about stairwells. We have also addressed the important issue of creating storage space several times. Combining the two now also occurs.

But never did this happen with such a modern style as in this example.

Two in one!

This is a very topical issue when it comes to furnishing and interior design, because it saves space.

Trendy stairs

drawer stairs in trend

With the stairs that we are showing you today, it worked out wonderfully in all respects. It looks great, but can be used well in practical terms. What you see here is worth talking about, isn’t it?

The latter is also interesting in the modern world, because communication between people is of prime importance these days.

The ideas appear so simple once they are there! You can’t help but ask yourself: Why didn’t this occur to me earlier??

Great idea for drawer stairs

the trend is for extraordinary stairs

It has long been found out that the feeling of harmony at home is also very closely related to order. That’s why every storage space is a very popular topic. But we always have to be ashamed of at least one, but mostly several drawers full of filth.

The solution is very simple: if you had several drawers, you would also distribute the small items better. Everything wouldn’t look so incredibly messy then. But where do you put everything??

Today’s example shows us the solution. The stairs become drawers and everything can be stored there. There are so many! So no problem! Everything fits in there perfectly!

What would you stow here ?

great idea for storage space stairs in the trend

We can hardly imagine that you can make better use of a space that is otherwise often overlooked. This idea was designed and implemented by a company from Australia. The fact that they hardly advertise it speaks for the genius of the idea.

This company doesn’t even have a website. Even so, the idea has proven so effective that it has become known all over the world.

We look forward to introducing them to you as well!

Modern staircase with drawers

Trendy stairs with staircase drawers

Another great idea: drawers on the side of the stairs

wooden stairs with drawers

Create storage space with stair drawers

Drawers for the stairs are the trend

Tidily hide old shoes and newspapers

Storage with stair drawers

Storage space also for the small stairs

trendy stairs with storage space

Staircase with integrated drawers

staircase with drawers

So much storage space!

Stairs in the trend with exuberant drawer options

Light blue stairs with wooden colored drawers

Trendy stairs with wooden colored drawers

Stairs with drawers that can be opened from the side

Trendy stairs with drawers on the side