Environmentally friendly trends in interior design

Environmental protection concerns us all. We know that theoretically. However, in recent years and months it has become more and more obvious. Technical progress creates new and new materials. Unfortunately, their long-term effects on our health and the environment have not been researched well enough.

Nobody wants their home to be a place full of toxins, right? We are already noticing too many negative influences. We’d like to protect ourselves from that at home. This applies to the health of our family and especially of the children. They are very sensitive to any harmful influence.

Personal responsibility

Establishing an environmentally friendly facility is above all a personal choice and responsibility. Regardless of whether we have a small or large budget, we can furnish our house in a beautiful and nature-conscious way. The investment we have to make is our time. We also need new knowledge about current environmental trends in interior design.

Let’s start now?

We have 10 sustainable product recommendations for you from the Avocado Store select. Stay with us and find out more about what to look for in an eco-friendly interior design.

Product recommendation no.1: Longboard Chris & Ruby

interior design ideas wall shelf longboard chris ruby ​​avocadostore.de

The materials

The first point in our checklist of environmentally friendly fashion trends is the selection of a suitable material. The evaluation is based on a few main criteria. The decisive factor is to what extent the following processes were sustainable or environmentally friendly:

  • Extraction;
  • Processing;
  • Transport;

It is also important:

  • What kind of substances and gases separate from this material?

  • How long can it be used or when does it turn into garbage?
  • Can it be reused or not?

Product recommendation no.2: Book shelf bookmarks

interior design ideas book shelf bookmarks avocadostore.de

Keep all of these criteria in mind. So you won’t fall victim to any of the well-planned advertising strategies. They try to convince consumers that they are making an environmentally friendly choice when purchasing a material or product by hiding one or more of the points on this checklist.

For example, let’s say you buy a piece of furniture made of wood. The manufacturer would emphasize that it is an environmentally friendly, sustainable material. However, it can be concealed that the wood was not obtained sustainably, that it was transported for a long time or that it was processed with paints and varnishes containing harmful substances.

In other words, the green tendencies are based on critical choice and on the right information.

Product recommendation no.3: Shelf structure 4 × 4 Expedition

interior design ideas living room wall shelf shelf structure avocadostore.de

Kitchen equipment and appliances

The environmentally friendly behavior is somehow easier when it comes to choosing large pieces of furniture. These also have a longer life and you invest a lot of money in them because of the comfort.

The real challenge for environmental protection are the “little things”. These are the items that we need for our kitchen furnishings. Such are e.g. the kitchen appliances. The rule of thumb here is to opt for ceramics and glass more often than plastic and Teflon.

The wood

Wood is undoubtedly very popular in modern interior design. It should best be obtained sustainably. This means that the wood comes from forests that grow back quickly. Furthermore, the extraction must not endanger the existence of the fauna there. The transport must produce as few emissions as possible.

Processing is an important factor. Organic oils such as linseed or olive oil are sustainable.

Product recommendation No. 4: Alvari dining table

interior design ideas dining table alvari larch solid wood glass top modern design avocadostore.de

Body furniture

The body furniture is sustainable if it is made of glass or wood.

Metal, wadding and cardboard for the sofa

From a health point of view, the sofas and chairs made of metal, cotton wool and cardboard are absolutely environmentally friendly. We would like to point out once again that you should find out more about the manufacturing process and how your furniture is processed.

Product recommendation no.5: Cardboard bed Room in a box

interior design ideas cardboard bed room in a box avocadostore.de


Our earth is overflowing with garbage. So much has already been produced. And let’s be honest: Manufacturers are interested in telling us that we need more and more. The truth is, by reusing furniture and materials, we can furnish almost anything at home.

There are whole companies and designers who work with old materials. Promote these and represent designers working with them. Set priorities and only buy things that you really love and need. That is arguably the surest way to act in an environmentally friendly way.

Designers who work with environmentally friendly materials are usually gifted, super creative, and put all their hearts into their work. By opting for their production, you may get even better furniture than if you buy new ones.

Product recommendation no.6: Ethno collection “Just” blanket

interior decoration idea home textiles ethno collection ceiling just modern ambience avocadostore.de

Product recommendation no.7: Raindrop bamboo vase

interior design ideas interior design home accessories bamboo vase raindrop avocadostore

Product recommendation no.8: Luminaire Nut- LZF Lamps

interior design ideas lighting luminaire nut lzf lamps avocadostore.de

Product recommendation No. 9: Box office Chris & Ruby

interior design ideas box office home office chris ruby ​​avocadostore.de

Product recommendation no.10: Side table by Volker Frings

interior design ideas coffee table side table master carpenter volker frings avocadostore.de

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