Living ideas for a functional wall cabinet with glossy surfaces

 10 living ideas for a functional closet

In the past, the bedroom closet was simply the place where clothes were hidden from view. Today the emphasis is on creating functional, organized wardrobes. These also serve as a comfortable place to hang around, work and play.

Spa like sanctuary

Living ideas for a functional closet bathroom trolley

Here we see a restored bedroom from 1910. Its equipment goes in the direction of cuddling. Their magnificent sliding glass doors show the contents of the cupboards and make the room appear wider.

room with view

Living ideas for a functional cabinet glass table top modern vase room

While most cabinets may not have a view (maybe there is no room to add a window, or the cabinet is built in an interior), this cabinet takes full advantage of its view of the inside of the San Francisco Millennium Tower.

Frosted glass doors and a cupboard with thick glass add to the theme.

The effect of the library

Living ideas for a functional closet dressing room modern dark

The architect Dan Featheringill from Feather & Gill Architects has given this cabinet the style of an elegant office. It features birdseye maple panels and hickory wood flooring. Furthermore you can see a blanket with a wood application in a pattern that resembles Chanel.

Warm light and comfortable chairs provide a comfortable place to prepare homework or just to read in peace.

Corner office – the large closet is a wonderful thing

Living ideas for a functional closet, classic dressing room

 But not everyone has the opportunity to devote so much space to clothes.

The architect Taylor Hannah brought a table into the closet. You can use such an inspiring place for two things at the same time.

The ultra modern boutique here is part of the European contemporary project by designer Martin Perri

Living ideas for a functional closet open shelves dressing room

 High gloss polyester cabinets create a scene for setting up beautiful accessories behind the thick glass doors. There are additional LED side lights and they can be controlled by manually operated switches. Embossed leather chairs are featured prominently, showing homeowners the various options in the closets. The plush carpet on the oak floor provides more comfort.

Art gallery

Living ideas for a functional closet traditional dressing room art gallery

But enough with this eulogy about dresses and accessories! One can also add more color through art in a fabulous way. Furthermore, you can give the whole atmosphere a little more mood.

The ample, monochromatic palette provides a wonderful background to the upscale home and reflects the nautical character of the customer. Other possibilities are the photographs with the members of the family and the inspiring fashionable shots.

Party Cushions – Wake up and start your day with lots of vibrant colors

Living ideas for a functional closet with modern purple surfaces

Check out this contemporary chandelier. Everyone would get some tones out of it and have a good time. This cabinet is part of the overall renovation of Dencity and was worked with Kingdom Woodworks by Cablik Enterprises.

The contemporary chandelier goes wonderfully with the high-flow carpet and polka dots. Everyone would love to have a party here.

Washroom – Would you like to hear a great idea for saving time while doing the laundry??

Living ideas for a functional wall cabinet wood furnishing classic

 How about a built-in closet there?

Which of these creative wardrobe designs do you like best? There would be something for you here too? Living ideas for a functional closet bedroom original design