folding chair enjoying the garden in summer hanton

Chic and practical solutions for the house and garden with a folding chair in summer

Let’s consider together: when do you actually need a fold-out chair? They are used either to save space or if you need extra space. In many situations you can save the day, but you will not find it?

These days you can find these in so many different styles.

Many people like them so much that they become part of the permanent fixture.

The fold-out wooden chairs fit wonderfully under a table

folding chair made of dark wood in summer

If necessary, these can be folded up and put away in minutes.

The director’s chairs always set a very strong accent in the room

Folding chair in summer made of light wood with white fabric in front of the fireplace

You give the room a “casual” style. In our case you provide a retro “Beach Comfort”. But they would actually look good in any context. You can make the appearance even more impressive with a deeply incised shape or painting it in a captivating color.

Would you rather have a fold-out chair with arms? Although these take up more space, they are really much more comfortable.

Cover this with a soft fabric and this is sure to become a popular seat

folding chair in summer white and cuddly soft

With this “skin” it can be used all year round.

The classic fold-out bistro chairs create an ancient style. In a café or school, they would be a perfect match for the ambience. These can be purchased or painted in many colors.

Cheerful accents in blue

Folding chair in summer sky blue on a rough wooden table

You can use formal and fold-out chairs in the same color at the same time.

This is how you would achieve an eclectic look and functionality in the dining room

folding chair in summer made of metal and leather

The fold-out teak chairs are a wonderful solution for exterior designs

Folding chair in summer elegant and traditional by the pool

You can also use these inside. They are much more comfortable than all the other variants and add a lot of elegance.

Don’t you want to hang your chair on the wall in the washroom? Maybe you prefer to do it in the basement or in the garage? These can also be placed behind the door.

Folding chairs can be easily and practically left hanging on the wall

folding chair in summer also when washing

Terai chair, orange ikat 

Artfully colorful folding chair in summer

Shall we look at the example of a fold-out chair in orange? The company Anthropologie brought this work of art. It looks gorgeous in outfits with a global statement. The patchwork style offers different shades. This chair would also fit in very upscale contexts.

Provide existing garden chairs with new fabrics

You can also freshen up the look in the house, don’t you think so? Can you do the same with your design? Are you the proud owner of some chic and practical chairs? Or maybe that’s still ahead?

We wish you many wonderful moments while using them.

Perfectly white and shiny for a comfortable feeling in summer

folding chair in summer in white minimalist design

A wonderful creation by Adam Goodrum

folding chair in summer by adam goodrum stylishly extravagant

Stylized flowers and calming colors

folding chair in summer with filigree ornaments