cool designer sideboards with a shiny surface

Chic modern designer chests of drawers

In and of itself, the storage room isn’t exciting, but when it comes to chic modern dressers, you can’t be indifferent and dispassionate. Usually the chest of drawers is a classic piece of furniture that goes well with any area of ​​the home. Since it is used not only as a storage room, but also as an attractive piece of furniture, where the picture frames and other decorative accents are displayed, the designers create increasingly beautiful and stunning designs.

Most of the dressers that we present here are concrete examples of what the traditional and classic dresser looks like.

Pastel colors determine the surface of this chest of drawers

chic modern designer dressers blue white colors

Low white shiny dresser

chic modern designer chests of drawers made of shiny material

White minimalist chest of drawers on the wall in the living area

cool designer sideboards dressers brilliantly minimalist

Black glossy chest of drawers – more decorative than practical chic modern designer chests of drawers in shiny black

Glass chest of drawers with integrated lighting

cool designer sideboards dressers glasses shelves

Wavy surface and factual shape

chic modern designer chests of drawers wood wavy

Evolution chest of drawers by Emmemobili

chic modern designer dressers steel wood

Traditional walnut chest of drawers from Vermont Wood Studios

chic modern designer chests of drawers walnut traditional

Chest of drawers from Sergio Brioschi for Jesse

cool designer sideboards dressers wall mounted wood