comfortable children's chair red ergonomic design

Comfortable children’s chair – Sono Kids by Dieter Paul

Sono Kids – that’s the name of Dieter Paul’s designer project for our little ones. It represents a comfortable and ergonomic children’s chair that could wonderfully decorate any children’s room and would also go wonderfully with any other modern playroom. The children’s chair is of high quality, made of foamed polyurethane, soft and pleasant to touch.

Thanks to its light weight, children are able to move it easily and play on it. The chair has no sharp edges, so it is completely safe for children’s games. It has a cool design and one more thing – movable cushions that give this piece of furniture even more originality and comfort. The children’s chair Sono Kids is available in light colors, for example orange, blue or red. If you want to find out more about this, you can read detailed information about this children’s chair directly on Dieter Paul’s website. We hope you enjoy it!

The chair design in orange color – Dieter Paul

comfortable children's chair orange ergonomic design amazing

And available in yellow – light, cheerful structure

comfortable children's chair yellow ergonomic design

Other children’s chairs that look really attractive and ergonomic

Collection and exhibition of colorful upholstered children’s armchairs

comfortable children's chair, colorful, ergonomic design

Minimalist plastic children’s chairs – pastel colors

comfortable children's chair colorful ergonomic design amazing

These chairs are appropriate for nurseries or playrooms at home

comfortable child's chair, plastic, ergonomic design

Modern, demountable children’s chairs – bright colors

removable children's chair colorful ergonomic design eva

The Eva children’s chair in pink

comfortable baby chair pink ergonomic design eva Modern upholstered children’s armchair “Leaf” in bright green colorcomfortable children's chair green ergonomic design upholstered leather

Happy, functional children’s chair, the back of which is in the shape of a smiling pig

comfortable children's chair pink ergonomic design pig

Two orange children’s chairs for more fun and joy at home

comfortable children's chair orange ergonomically comfortable

Brilliant, original children’s chair design  glamorous children's chair orange ergonomic design interesting   

translated and edited by Sabine