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Cupcakes furniture designs – original, extraordinary decoration ideas

Let colorful cupcakes express your mind and your opinion!

Cupcakes have inspired a myriad of designs. In an inspiring, nutrition-related home decor, the cake only makes its presence felt.

I’ve seen nail art with cute little cupcakes and with super yummy, delicious cupcake tattoos. Now it’s time to enjoy cupcakes in our homes.

When it comes to cupcake-inspired furniture, some designers combine sumptuous chairs with an undoubtedly fun pattern with colorful cupcakes. This cupcake armchair appears to be a hybrid between a comfy armchair design and the beautiful audacity brought about by the repeated cake pattern. It is a modern piece of furniture that is not intended for those who can ignore the playful side of life.

From cupcake wall art to cupcake pillows, this interesting theme will sweeten kids’ bedrooms. Or it can just become a lonely reminder of the good things in life.

Let’s take the CUPCAKE seating furniture collection by Carolin Fieber for Bretz as an example – a unique, modern representation of youthfulness and comfort

cupcakes furniture designs sofa comfortable velvet

She reinterprets the idea of ​​a fluffy cake. With a hard exterior and soft core, each piece in the collection shows an inviting design that promises a fluffy seating experience.

The three components of the collection – sofa, armchair and stool – create an elegant atmosphere that is reminiscent of warm dough

cupcakes furniture designs armchairs upholstery blue velvet royal blue

Little princesses are likely to be the ones who benefit the most from this eye candy design. A girl’s bedroom showcasing pink happiness would definitely look great when decked out with cupcake-inspired decorations.

Pink nursery decor – a dreamy ambience for your little girl

cupcakes furniture designs bedroom bed pink girl carpet

Cupcake bedding plays a huge role in creating a peaceful atmosphere that is filled with joy. It’s just perfect for a little girl who enjoys sweetness in all forms.

These felt chair covers would look amazing in a house being prepared for a children’s party

cupcakes furniture designs dining chairs white wood backrest

The delicious cake design can become an everyday reality or playful decoration to take on special occasions. Imagine small curly heads contrasting with the cherry pie backrest while you enjoy your meal. And then you run away to play in the garden. Is not that great?

Fluffy and colorful, the Baby Minky Stroller Blanket is ideal for prams or car seats or even as a play mat. Put them on the floor and watch your kids play on the delicious colors and patterns. Just adorable, isn’t it?

Handmade baby blanket

cupcakes furniture designs ceiling cake pattern original cute

The cozy handmade baby blanket measures approximately 53 x 86 cm and is machine washable – it is perfectly dimensioned and easy to care for. It has a pink background adorned with stylized cupcakes on one side. The fabric is “Sweet Treats Pink Cupcakes” by Michael Miller.

Little girls would love this cute pink cupcake stool

cupcakes furniture designs low pink kids table coffee table

The stool will also fit in every girl’s bedroom. Your little princess will be surrounded by coloring in a fairytale inspired atmosphere. Teaching kids to appreciate handcrafted designs, as well as the importance of enjoying a cupcake as part of a healthy lifestyle, naturally comes with such a lovely memory as this cake stool.

A cupcake high chair is the perfect decoration for a party

cupcakes furniture designs baby chair original decoration

Cupcakes of different shapes, sizes and colors can become part of your child’s next birthday party. Sweet cupcakes take your mind off daily worries, so why not enjoy their visual appeal as much as their smell and taste?

The wall is the perfect place to display cheerful cake silhouettes. A small cupcake mural in the kitchen, cupcake wall art for the pantry, or a cupcake wall clock like the one below will all remind you to enjoy the little things in life.

Playful “delicious” wall clock

cupcakes furniture designs wall clock turquoise

There are things in life that we don’t need, but we want to put our eyes on them for a minute. This is what happened to me and the glittery button cupcake – I am instantly impressed.

This hand painted, engraved wooden furniture knob will look lovely on my kitchen drawers

cupcakes furniture designs pink glossy surface circle ball

The Jellio cake table looks like a cupcake mold without a filling, but the matching cupcake seat (not shown) looks full of delicious chocolate cream. The table shows a glass plate that is later described by its designers: “Homage to all the mothers who made these delicious birthday cakes when we were young.”

What do you remember about the cupcakes? Let us know your opinion, we value it highly!

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