Stylish furniture from the most famous furniture designers provide special accents in every living room, but the small miracle of space is often associated with a high purchase price. Thus, a chair by a trendy designer like Marcel Breuer or Frank Lloyd Wright can cost between 300 and 800 euros.

If you want a chic designer sofa for your living room, you may have to reckon with a price of 2,000 to 5,000 euros or more and thus dig deep into your wallet.

These high purchase prices are not affordable for every budget. If you still want to fulfill your desire for a coveted designer piece, you will find a few options for the reasonably cheap acquisition of the noble living accessories.In addition to designer furniture outlets and online shops, there is the option of buying new, used design furniture, as well as the option of various financing models that can be used in local furniture stores in order to still be able to call the desired splendid designer piece your own . This article reveals the best way to do this.

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Used designer pieces in perfect condition

Buying second hand designer furniture is an inexpensive way of purchasing fine furniture from well-known designers. In many cases, this furniture is as good as new and has hardly any or no signs of use. Well-known companies such as wohn-design offer their furniture, which was used at exhibitions and trade fairs, for sale in the online shop. The new pieces were checked beforehand for damage or other signs of use and freshly cleaned. Buying a used piece of designer furniture is definitely a good way to get your favorite piece in an inexpensive way.

High-quality used design furniture in perfect condition can also be found, for example, on the “Used-Design” internet marketplace. The website offers the possibility – after registration – to purchase used branded furniture online. The sales platform is chargeable and requires membership, which can be concluded flexibly for a month or for a full year. Sellers who want to sell used designer furniture via the website pay a different fee depending on the price offer. However, if the piece of furniture is sold, no commission is paid. At used-design you can not only find well-preserved used items from private sellers, dealers also use this sales platform to sell their exhibits to men or women at a substantial discount. Particularly convenient: the furniture can be delivered directly to your home on request.

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Furniture outlets provide substantial discounts

According to the model of the fashion outlets for designer clothing, the purchase of designer furniture in so-called design furniture outlets is a particularly inexpensive way of acquiring high-quality pieces of furniture inexpensively. One of these design furniture outlets is located in the Black Forest, in the tranquil village of Nagold. There, on a sales area of ​​more than 1,000 square meters, discounted current designer items from the best-known brands, such as B&B Italia, Moroso or Fritz Hansen offered for sale. In the Design Furniture Outlet you can save up to 50 percent of the normal purchase price when buying new designer furniture.

In addition to furniture outlet stores, there is also the option of ordering heavily discounted, brand new designer pieces from the comfort of your living room in special online furniture outlets.

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Designer furniture via financing: luxury furniture in installments

The use of an installment loan to buy high-quality designer furniture is another option, even without a major financial burden, to equip your home with extravagant furniture in one fell swoop. With special housing loans, the new facility can be financed with a loan amount of up to 50,000 euros. With some providers, you can choose the amount of the installment payment yourself. With some contracts, free special repayments are also possible – useful if you can look forward to an unexpected windfall and want to redeem the loan early. Installment loans of this type, however, require proof of regular income and positive SCHUFA information – FAQs on this can be found on the official website.

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But there are many more ways to finance more expensive furniture. The most important thing about this: Many furniture stores that sell designer furniture offer one Financing through a partner bank directly when buying a piece of furniture. The customer thus has the option of taking advantage of this inexpensive type of financing directly on site or via the online shop form. In many cases, the so-called hire purchase is a 0 percent financing with a term of 24 months. Financing through the selected furniture store offers the advantage of acquiring the design furniture of your choice without high financial outlay, without running into a financial bottleneck.

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