futuristic cool bench design white surface

Serac bench by Zaha Hadid for Lab 23

Milan 2013: the famous designer and architect Zaha Hadid presented her latest extravagant pieces of furniture. When designing this bench, the artist was inspired by crevasses, she imagined a block of ice and only then did she start working on the design of the bench.

She is presenting the final product this week in the Tortona district of Milan.

The exhibition of designer benches in Milan – Futuristic cool bench

futuristic cool bench design exhibition milan

The Serac bench designed by Zaha Hadid for the furniture manufacturers of LAB 23 is made of a combination of resin and quartz, which gives the whole product a brilliant white color.

Artful and extravagant exhibition

futuristic cool bench design exhibition angel

The surface of the bench is shaped like a series of smooth edges and curves, and a single arch forms the backrest on one side.

The strange piece of furniture can be seen at the following address: Officine della Torner just around the corner from Dezeen‘s film studio next to the MINI Paceman Garage.

A composition of resin and quartz

futuristic cool bench design backrest attractive exterior

London architect Zaha Hadid is showing a number of new designer projects at the Milan Furniture Fair, including a pair of monochrome pendant lights, a limited edition marble table and a system of rotating lecture hall chairs.

Interesting, isn’t it? You can admire other works of art by Zaha Hadid here on our website!

The artist was inspired by crevasses

futuristic cool bench design backrest eccentric zaha hadid

A single arch forms the backrestfuturistic cool bench design backrest curve

Some of the futuristic bench designs

futuristic cool bench design white curves futuristic-cool-bench-design-backrest     Another bench design by Zaha Hadid futuristic cool bench design white surface unusual

translated and edited by Sabine